Home and Away spoilers: Cash Newman has news for grief-stricken Mia Anderson

    Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) learns unsettling news from Summer Bay detective Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) as she struggles to come to grips with Ari Parata’s death in Home and Away.

    Mia Anderson is devastated by the death of her spouse Ari, who passed away just after they exchanged wedding vows.

    Mia is scarcely eating, and the flowers and phone calls from caring friends seem to go unnoticed. Ari’s absence is reflected in everything in the house…

    Her daughter Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) is also hurting, but she does her best to assist her mother with the help of her friend Bell Nixon (Courtney Miller).

    When Chloe goes outside for a breath of fresh air, she runs into Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) and Theo Poulos (Matt Evans), who present her with a memorial film that they believe will bring solace to both Chloe and Mia…

    Chloe loves it and watches it on repeat, but Mia isn’t impressed…

    She can’t take it anymore and lashes out at the boys, who are left reeling…

    They were only trying to help!

    Mia is further saddened when she receives a package containing Ari’s belongings, including his wallet, which contains a photograph of Mia and Chloe — a symbol of his love for his family…

    Ari may have left, but his murder allegation remains unresolved, so Mia visits the police station to learn more…

    Ari confessed to the murder and was facing life in prison when Chloe inadvertently killed her father Matthew Montgomery and Mia tried to hide for her.

    So Mia is relieved when cop Cash informs her that the investigation is closed and they can move on.

    You have to wonder why Jasmine has stuck with her boyfriend Cash…

    It took them a long time to get together, and then he recently rejected her suggestion that they move in together, humiliating poor Jasmine.

    In fact, she felt like crawling into a hole and dying of shame!

    Cash’s hesitancy has always been due to his urge to protect his troubled younger sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).

    When Felicity learned that he hesitated to move in with Jasmine because of her, she gave him a hard time, asking him to tone down the big brother act and focus on his love life instead of worrying about her all the time!

    As a result, Cash changed his mind and informed Jasmine that he would be moving in with her.

    Trouble is, it’s not just Jasmine he’s sharing with, but Irene (Lynne McGregor), too!

    Cash is having trouble settling in and feels awkward around Irence, and matters aren’t made any easier when he has a humiliating night-time encounter with Ms Roberts!

    Irene discovers him strolling around the house in just his pants when he nips down to the kitchen for a sip of water!

    Not that it bothers Irene. As she tells Jasmine, she’s seen it all before, love!

    She also warns Jasmine that Cash will need time to acclimatise to his new role as housemaster.

    However, later at the Diner, the sexy cop feels embarrassed with Irene, so he skips a lunch date with Jasmine and rushes back to the station to have his lunch at his desk.

    Frustrated, Jasmine turns up and puts him on the spot…

    Is he having second thoughts about moving in?


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