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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash’s aggression lands him in trouble

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree shocks Remi with a bombshell, while Cash’s new personality is unleashed on Summer Bay.

Remi (Adam Rowland) and Bree (Juliet Godwin), two of Summer Bay’s newest residents, get along like house on fire.

Bree has been grateful to have a new friend, but Remi has made it clear that he would like to develop a romantic relationship with her through his persistent pick-up lines and demands for a date. Bree has thus far brushed Remi aside with good humour because she isn’t seeking for anything more.

But when Remi ends up as a patient of Bree’s in A&E, it results in a dent in his pride as well as the one in his head.

Remi busks outside the surf club at the end of this week’s episodes, much to the chagrin of club manager John Palmer (Shane Withington), who reminds Remi that he needs a permission. Remi is not in the mood for John’s whining because she just had another go at Bree, who was uncharacteristically gruff with him as she stated he should take the hint.

However, while Remi is preoccupied, Pete (Gabriel Stoltz), a sketchy man, enters and takes Remi’s loot!

Remi runs after Pete, who then brutally hits him over the head with his own guitar case. Remi collapses backward and smacks his head on the concrete after being knocked out cold.

When the action picks back up the next week, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) are working together for the first time since the shooting, so things are a little awkward. Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), Cash’s sister, wants Rose to keep an eye on him since she is convinced that Cash has gone back to work too soon.

The two receive a radio call to respond to the assault at the surf club, and when they arrive,

they see John and Xander tending to a bewildered Remi (Luke Van Os).

Cash’s bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired when he begins questioning Remi right away, who is clearly unfit to provide information on the suspect.

It may be for the best that Cash isn’t the paramedic.

A nonchalant Cash tells Rose that he’s only trying to do his job

as Xander asks him to back off.

As a stunned Flick watches, Cash shifts his sudden inquiry to John after becoming weary of the interruptions and succeeding in eliciting just a general description of the offender.

Then, when Rose and Cash see Pete in the park, Cash gets out of the car and pursues him, leaping from a bench for a picnic to tackle him.

As Cash aggressively pins Pete to the ground and yanks his arm behind his back, Rose reminds him to be careful.

I’m fine,” Cash snaps, fed up of the constant worrying over his health.

No,” she swiftly replies. “I mean of him!

Rose decides that enough is enough and tells

As Cash continues to aggressively reprimand Pete, Rose decides enough is enough and tells Cash that she will handle things from here.

Pete, who is now at the station, is certain that Cash dislocated his shoulder. Rose is forced to take Cash’s concerns seriously while he sneers at the crim, informing him that it appeared to use excessive force from where she was standing.

Hospitalization only reveals minor bruises, but when Flick learns that her brother has hurt a suspect, she confronts Cash for not returning her calls. Flick clarifies that she only wishes for her missing brother to return.

Maybe I just finally figured out that nice guys finish last,” Cash cryptically replies.

Are the days of ‘Fun Cash’ gone for good?

Bree wonders if Remi’s assault was the consequence of a poor pick-up line when they come face to face after Remi has been transported to the hospital. She observes that despite his obvious confusion, he hasn’t lost his appeal when he says that he’d give anything to spend dinner with her.

Remi begins to have seizures, which quickly puts an end to the fun.

When Remi finally turns around, Bree assures him that everything will be OK but that he must stay the night for observation. John, who was entrusted with Remi’s guitar, visits him in the interim to return it.

When Remi finally turns around, Bree assures him that everything will be OK but that he must stay the night for observation. John, who was given Remi’s guitar when he gave chase, visits Remi in the interim to return it.

Bree stands back and observes intently as Remi begins to play that evening in the hospital. There’s obviously a connection there, but she snaps out of it and returns to her work right away.

The next morning Bree starts becoming tired of Remi’s flirting again, and when she turns down another dinner invite, Remi finally gives up.

Why won’t you just give me a shot?” he asks in frustration.

Remi is shocked to the core by Bree’s reply…

Because I’m married!


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