Home and Away Spoilers – Chloe’s obsession with Bella intensifies

    Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Chloe lashes out at Nikau as her fascination with Bella grows, while Felicity comes up with a controversial plan to save Salt…

    Following the death of her stepfather Ari, Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) has found herself in a terrible situation, with friend Chloe (Sam Barrett) counting on her (Rob Kipa-Williams).

    Chloe has spent as much time as she can with Bella, much to the displeasure of Bella’s boyfriend Nikau, since she is unable to face the sadness of her mother Mia (Anna Samson) (Kawakawa Fox-Reo).

    Nik’s attempts to confront Chloe about her peculiar behavior have so far failed, with Nik receiving reprimands from his family as a result of Chloe’s manipulation.

    When (Ethan Browne) told him to quit putting the responsibility on Chloe, Nik began to wonder whether he was hallucinating.

    Bella still can’t get rid of Chloe the following week, as she wants to accompany her to TAFE and sit in on her tutorial. Later, Chloe insists on making herself helpful by assisting a hesitant Bella with her photography assignment back at the farmhouse, but Chloe’s inept recommendations prove to be more of a problem than a help.

    Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Bella’s housemate, discreetly sees her struggle to hide her irritation, and when Chloe goes to the restroom, Dean informs Bella that they need to get rid of her.

    Dean recommends to Chloe that they go get some dinner before he leaves her off at her house, and despite her initial resentment, she reluctantly accepts.

    When Dean brings Chloe to Salt, however, she puts up a show, explaining that she can’t face her family at home. Dean has been completely sucked in.

    When Dean arrives with Chloe still in tow, having agreed to let her stay the night, Bella is taken aback!

    Bella wakes up the next morning to discover Chloe not only preparing her breakfast but also writing out the artist statement for her photography assignment—who better to write about the artist than her ‘best friend’?

    This is the final straw for Bella, who breaks down and tells Chloe that it’s all too much and that she needs some space!

    An upheaval Chloe storms home, ranting in her diary about how Bella doesn’t want her around any longer.

    Chloe is heartbroken when Nik tells her that he’s going to spend some time with Bella after more bickering—what happened to be busy with her assignment?!

    When Nik appears in Bella’s photos, displaying his newly acquired taiaha skills, Chloe storms at the two of them, accusing Bella of abandoning her so she could muck about with Nik.

    Chloe tries to avenge herself after overhearing Nik informing Mia and Tane about her fascination with Bella…

    Later, Nik discovers that his cherished taiaha, which had belonged to his late father Mikaere, has mysteriously vanished from his bedroom. Nik goes out to find Chloe, who claims she hasn’t touched his “dumb stick” and denies any knowledge.

    Chloe’s comment cuts deep, has she gone too far?

    Meanwhile, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is scrambling to find ways to save money at Salt after learning that the restaurant is on the verge of bankruptcy last week.

    Mac had been counting on insurance money to cover the massive decontamination expenditures and product waste caused by last year’s organophosphate attack. When the insurance company refused to pay out, Mac had no choice but to tell her brother Dean that she was bankrupt.

    When Dean (Lukas Radovich) discovered the letter, he persuaded bartender Ryder (Lukas Radovich) to log into the Salt accounts, where the situation was revealed—with barely enough money in the overdraft to cover any additional bills or wages, Salt’s closure was inevitable.

    Dean’s attempt to assist Mac by calling their wealthy father Rick Booth (Mark Lee) backfired when Rick called Mac to brag about her failure and offer to buy Salt at a ridiculously low price.

    This week, Dean gives Mac some of his personal money to help keep the business afloat, and while Mac is appreciative, the money will only last for another week or so. Mac has already had to reduce staff hours, but when a large party cancels, she realizes she needs to go even further.

    Unfortunately new recruit Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) will have to be the one to suffer.

    When Mac tells Flick that she must leave, she is taken aback, but after speaking with Ryder, Flick decides she will not accept Mac’s decision. Mac is perplexed when she informs Flick that she can work if she wants, but she won’t be paid!

    When Danika (Genevieve Craig), Salt’s fish supplier, walks in and tells Mac she can’t have her fish order until the unpaid debt is paid, it’s Flick who saves the day by persuading her to wait another week.

    Mac withdraws to the storage, where Flick discovers her crying and learns the full truth about the situation.

    Flick drags her boss down to the caravan site for a beverage, where she makes a wild notion to Mac about how they can raise some cash: an after-hours poker night!

    Mac bursts out laughing before realising Flick is serious; they used to run these at the club where she worked, and the owners saw the money come in. Mac appreciates the suggestion, but she must decline!

    However, the conversation convinces Mac that the three of them must work together if the company is to survive, so she returns to Ryder to begin devising a strategy.

    Will Salt be saved, or will Mackenzie have to rethink Flick’s suggestion…?


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