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Home and Away Spoilers: Dana’s Escape Leads to a Dangerous Cat-and-Mouse Chase

Bronte’s master plan to scam Summer Bay turns violent in Home And Away this week, when her unhinged co-conspirator Chase’s plot to kidnap Dana and hold her in a shipping container reaches a dramatic climax.

Dana’s (Ally Harris) sister Harper (Jessica Redmayne), boyfriend Xander (Luke Van Os) and friend Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) have serious doubts about Bronte’s (Stefanie Caccamo) story that Dana has gone away to a health retreat. It’s just not like her to up and leave without telling anyone.

And when Dana fails to show up for her beach-patrol duties with John (Shane Withington) the next day, the gang scour the Bay for any sign of her.

Suspecting Bronte has something to do with her disappearance, Xander and John follow her when they spot her driving Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) car. But when they reach a remote quarry and watch Bronte drive slowly down a dirt track, they start to hold grave fears.

Could they have Dana down there?

Meanwhile, in the shipping container, a desperate Dana manages to escape Chase’s (Joshua Mehmet) clutches. But fleeing is one thing, outrunning him in the bush is another, and she isn’t sure how much further she can go.

“Dana is pretty determined to get out of there – for her own survival, but also, there’s no way she’s letting Bronte win,” Ally tells TV WEEK.

Can Xander and John find Dana before Chase and Bronte do, or will the scammers manage to silence yet another victim in their evil scheme?


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