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Home and Away Spoilers: Justin loses Lyrik their gig at Salt

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Justin’s desire to prove himself as Lyrik’s new manager backfires, as he loses the band their secure gig at Salt!

Last week, when he enthusiastically applied for the position of managing the local band Lyrik, Justin (James Stewart) realized he’d taken on more than he could handle.

Since Theo (Matt Evans), Leah’s nephew, became the band’s lead singer (and only because Justin had pushed him to audition for a chance to follow his aspirations), Justin has been their biggest fan.

Justin was eager to find a way to participate when Theo joined new bandmates Kirby (Angelina Thomson), Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), and Remi (Adam Rowland), and the chance offered itself when Lyrik were looking for a new traveling van.

The band was in a grave situation after Remi lost all of the band’s money after being conned by a shady seller, until Justin volunteered to buy them a van himself on the condition that he could use it as a sponsorship opportunity for Summer Bay Auto.

When Leah (Ada Nicodemou) learned what Justin had done, she was furious and accused him of intending to use Theo to fulfill his own musical ambitions. However, as Justin pointed out that he was hurt, she expressed sympathy to him After being compelled into witness protection for a number of years, he was never given the opportunity to pursue his own aspirations.

When Justin joined them for a jam session in the backyard, the band celebrated with their new honorary member and Justin was excited to experience band life.

Justin was eager for Kirby and Theo to approach him when they realized last week that they could use a band manager to handle all the paperwork, which was one of Bob (Rob Malletttalents. )’s

Justin couldn’t wait any longer as they continued to debate if they could possibly afford someone.

He gently raised his hand and replied, “You could afford me.”

Although Theo, Kirby, and Eden weren’t sure, Justin was determined to show that he was the right candidate and started working on a pitch for them right away.

That night, Justin eagerly made his way over to the Lyrik residence and gave copies of his proposal to Kirby and Theo, the only other members present.

The following morning, Justin was thrilled to learn that he had been chosen as the new manager of Lyrik since his preparedness had persuaded them.

Justin was assigned to handle the band’s bookings right away, but after making only one phone call to a venue, he realized he might be in over his head.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who he secretly hoped would oppose the plan so he could exit with dignity, decided to back Justin in his new position and assured him that he would be fantastic.

When Leah informed Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) that they were considering Justin as Lyrik’s new manager, the word quickly went throughout the bay. Mac shook Justin’s hand and expressed her interest in doing business with him.

After agreeing to a booking where his negotiating abilities had left the band offered less than half of their regular amount, Justin subsequently revealed to Leah that he already sucked at the job.

Leah advised Justin to be more assertive, but when he resisted the thought of making another phone call, she took pity on him.

Oh for crying out loud, hand me the phone! She groaned.

Really, Justin asked with relief. I had hoped that you would say that.

Justin seems to get the boost he needs this week from watching Leah in action, but is he growing overconfident…?

His first choice is Mac, who has offered Lyrik a much-needed regular gig at Salt along with Flick.

Leah remarks that Lyrik are currently more well-liked than they were when they initially joined Salt, and she argues that this should be reflected in the cost they are paid.

Justin raises this with Mac, but he quickly dismisses him, saying that the sum they are paying Lyrik for a reliable job is more than fair.

But Justin won’t take no for an answer, and he later reminds Mac that there is no written contract between Lyrik and Salt, thus the money spent is not subject to any legal obligations.

Justin is no longer ready to yield in to pressure and issues Mac with a choice: either Lyrik receive a 20% raise in their price, or she forfeits the lucrative contract!

What he’s not expecting is for Mac to call his bluff!

The shows are canceled because Salt, who has recently struggled financially, is unable to pay Lyrik what they are demanding.

Eden is indignant when she learns of Justin’s actions after the band has finally made Summer Bay their home.

According to Stephanie Panozzo of Yahoo Lifestyle, “losing the regular position at Salt is a big threat to their livelihood and to the magnificent life they have crafted for themselves here in the Bay.”

They risk losing everything if they don’t get a steady job. Eden clashes [with Justin] a lot because she doesn’t want this.

Felicity is also enraged. As the new co-owner of the restaurant, Lyrik’s suggestion to play at Salt was her first. She is shocked that Mackenzie has cancelled the shows without first consulting her.

But Mackenzie expresses her views to her business partner clearly, saying, “This is entirely Justin’s responsibility!”

Will Justin be able to change his mind after the confrontation with Mac?

Is Bree blurring boundaries with Remi? Cash and Eden get sprung in the act. Mackenzie comes grovelling to Justin.

Are Ziggy and the baby in danger? Xander flaunts his battle scars. Bree and Remi agree to be just friends, but are they? Marilyn dons rose-coloured glasses for Heather.

John has a bad gut feeling about Heather. Marilyn is humiliated. Tane covets Ziggy’s growing family.

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