Home and Away Spoilers – Neve is arrested by the military police

    Neve finally faces her fate as the military police arrive in Summer Bay next week on Home and Away in the UK, while Theo opens up to John about his traumatic past…

    After ex-girlfriend Neve Spicer (Sophie Bloom) showed up in Summer Bay, Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) knew it would be difficult to help her, but the time has come to admit defeat.

    Logan received the shock of his life a few weeks ago when he received a message from Neve, whom he had assumed had died!

    While serving in the army as medics, the two had been posted to Afghanistan together, but Neve had gone AWOL after they were transferred to Germany over two years ago, unable to cope with the horrors of war.

    Because fellow troops were aware of Logan and Neve’s relationship, Logan was repeatedly questioned about Neve’s whereabouts, despite his assurances that he was as clueless as they were. Logan was eventually forced to leave the army as a result of this.

    Neve had never given up hope of finding Logan as she continued to elude the authorities, and she was disappointed to learn that he had moved on with new girlfriend Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir), as she had hoped they would reunite once they were reunited.

    Despite her assurances to the contrary, Logan insisted that Neve stay because he could tell she was suffering from PTSD, despite her assurances to the contrary.

    Logan had no choice but to try to help Neve come to terms with her mental health himself, knowing that she would not voluntarily make herself known to the authorities in order to seek treatment.

    However, Logan’s relationship with Mac was almost jeopardized as a result of his decision. Despite Mac’s insistence that Neve stay with them at the apartment because she believed it was important to keep her ‘enemies’ close, the presence of Logan’s ex became too much for her, and she gave Logan an ultimatum…. which backfired when Logan moved into a motel room with Neve!

    Logan decided that enough was enough after a tumultuous week that saw Mac nearly grass up Neve to the defense force, followed by Neve attracting the attention of local cop Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) after she attacked Mac in the surf club. He admitted to Mac that he was out of his element and that Neve required expert assistance.

    When he returned to the motel room, he discovered Neve had vanished.

    After spending all night looking for Neve the following week, Logan is relieved when she returns to the apartment and finally admits that she needs help—she can’t keep running forever.

    She begs Logan to help her because he’s the only person she can trust, but he knows he won’t be able to; there’s only one solution.

    Logan speaks with a military lawyer friend, and the news isn’t good. While Neve will receive the immediate treatment she requires if she surrenders, she will almost certainly face a minimum of seven years in prison!

    As Logan is forced to tell Neve that she must either call herself in or he will, she begins to panic once more. When Logan later admits he can’t do it, Mac is the one who goes to Neve and tells her that the situation has been torturous for Logan.

    If Neve truly cares about him, she must take charge and make the decision for him—Logan will never forgive himself.

    As the military police arrive to detain Neve later that evening, she says a tearful goodbye to Logan. Will Neve be able to get the help she requires?

    An unexpected glitch with Theo Poulos’ (Matt Evans) community service paperwork leads to him making a shocking revelation to John Palmer elsewhere in Summer Bay (Shane Withington).
    Following Theo and Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) failed attempt to film a buried alive challenge, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) went on the warpath and convicted Theo of stealing the surf club buggy last week.

    Alf was adamant that Theo was to blame for Ryder’s near-death experience, and he wanted to hold him accountable. After learning that no charges could be filed against him because Ryder had willingly entered the coffin, Alf realized that Theo could be arrested for vehicle theft instead.

    Following Theo’s court appearance, he confronted Alf, telling him that the only reason he came after him was to divert attention away from his own shortcomings as a grandfather. Alf realized he’d let Ryder down, and went on to apologize to Theo and Justin (James Stewart) for how he’d treated them.

    Theo is starting his community service at the surf club this week, only to discover that he lacks the necessary paperwork. Cash later discovers that the package was sent to Theo’s city address.

    While he assures Theo that there will be no problems, Theo begins to panic. He desperately wants to call home, but John says they’ll have to wait until they’ve completed the task at hand.

    Theo finally reaches out to his mother later that evening, who assures him that she has found the letter and hidden it from Theo’s father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco). Theo is visibly terrified at the prospect of Dimitri finding out about his criminal history.

    John is nearby and can’t help but overhear Theo’s panic as he notices the fear on his face—what is he afraid of?

    Theo opens up about his painful past upstairs in Salt. He explains that Dimitri had always been harsh with him, but that when Theo began defying his father as a teenager, Dimitri beat him.

    From then on, if Dimitri had a bad day, it was Theo who would take the brunt of it.

    John urges Theo to report Dimitri to the authorities, but Theo begs him not to tell anyone. He believes that finding out what her big brother was really like would break Leah’s (Ada Nicodemou) heart.

    As Theo returns home, he makes his excuses to Justin and hides himself away, struggling to keep it together.

    It’s clear the whole ordeal has opened old wounds, for Theo, and his low mood doesn’t go unnoticed by Justin, who asks John about it the next day…

    Will a conflicted John keep Theo’s confidence?


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