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Home and Away Spoilers – Ryder suffers a panic attack


This week on Home and Away in Australia, Ryder’s mental health suffers as a result of being buried underground, while Alf continues his quest for vengeance.

In mid-March, these episodes will air in the United Kingdom.

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been deeply affected by his recent ordeal, which saw him buried alive while taking part in a deadly new challenge alongside Theo (Matt Evans).

It’s unsurprising. When the 5-hour-long challenge was meant to end, he was buried 6 feet deep in a homemade coffin, with the action live-streamed to their fans, and he only had around 30 minutes of oxygen left.

This should have been plenty if his accomplice Theo hadn’t been caught with barbed wire around his leg, preventing him from digging Ryder up as intended.

When Ryder realized he wouldn’t be saved in time, he began recording his last will and testament using the remaining battery power.

Thankfully, Roo (Georgie Parker) and Justin (James Stewart) caught wind of the challenge’s live stream just in time and were able to track down the boys after Roo recognized the ‘burial location’ as a piece of land near the caravan park.

By the time they dug him up, Ryder was unconscious and in horrible shape, but he recovered consciousness in the days that followed and seemed to be on the mend.

While he’s physically well, he’s having trouble emotionally. Being so close to death has left the boy with permanent psychological scars, which isn’t helped by Alf (Ray Meagher), who’s continuing on the warpath this week, keen to make Theo pay for their risky deeds.

It’s too much for Alf to watch his grandson’s final will and testament on a phone screen, and he wants someone to pay for it.

Alf won’t listen to Ryder’s claims that Theo isn’t too responsible – in Ryder’s perspective, they both agreed to complete the challenge, and while Ryder now realizes it was a bad idea, he also realizes he’s equally to guilty.

Alf, on the other hand, does not agree and is out for blood. He doesn’t want his grandson to interact with newcomer Theo, which just adds to Ryder’s stress at a time when all he wants is a buddy.

Ryder is irritated by his grandfather’s refusal to listen to anything he says, and things get even worse when Alf devises a vindictive plan.

When things get too much for Ryder, according to TV WEEK, he has a panic attack later this week.

Lukas notes, “Ryder’s scars are primarily psychological.” “Anyone’s perspective would be changed by his near-death experience.”

“There’s a lot of anxiety,” he says of the atmosphere in Summer Bay House in the days after the incident.

Ryder is pursued by Roo as he exits the house following another tense meeting with Alf. She attempts to calm him down and persuade him to understand his grandfather’s point of view, but everything comes crashing down around him.

He has trouble breathing. Suddenly, he’s having a panic attack, and Roo is frantically calling for aid.

Will Alf see how his actions are affecting his grandson and end his vengeful crusade against Theo?


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