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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane becomes his own worst enemy

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Tane faces jail as he refuses to explain why he missed his bail check-in – can Felicity and Marshall make him see sense?

Tane (Ethan Browne) continues to make life difficult for himself and all those around him next week, as he sits in a cell at the police station.

Rickard, who he’d found abandoned on the beach in April.

After realising that it would take several months before he’d be eligible himself, Tane was hoping that Roo (Georgie Parker) would apply to be an emergency foster carer in the meantime, only to be thwarted when another local family became available.

Unwilling to let Poppy be looked after by complete strangers, Tane abducted her from the hospital, just as her real mother Sonia (Olivia Beardsley) came forward.

After discovering that Tane was hiding out at his cousin’s house, Mali (Kyle Shilling) and Harper (Jessica Redmayne) put themselves at risk of prosecution by travelling there, rather than informing the police, in order to convince Tane to give himself up.

After being charged, Tane had resigned himself to the fact that it wasn’t even worth attempting to fight for his freedom, and refused to meet with his legal aid lawyer Marshall (Nic English).

Harper and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) attempted to talk some sense into Tane but seemed to hit a brick wall. Realising that her presence was only antagonising her ex-husband, Flick agreed to keep her distance whilst Harper resolved to invite Tane’s lawyer to Summer Bay.

Marshall was a bit put out when he met Harper and realised that Tane wasn’t there, and although Tane did eventually agree to speak to Marshall, he wouldn’t do so until the next day.

With an unexpected afternoon off, Marshall found himself in Salt where he got talking with Flick. With neither realising who the other were, Flick took Marshall back to her place that evening for a sleepover.

After Marshall left the next morning to meet his unnamed client, Flick was mortified to walk into Salt to find her one-night stand talking with her ex-husband.

It didn’t take long for Tane to find out what had happened, at which point all hell broke loose. Tane refused to believe that it was coincidental, and accused Flick of interfering in his life once again.

The drama distracted Tane and he ended up two and a half hours late for his bail check-in at Yabbie Creek police station, leaving Senior Constable Rose (Kirsty Marillier) fuming.

As we return to the scene next week, Rose is still demanding an explanation from Tane as to why she shouldn’t lock him up, but he refuses to give any reason for his tardiness other than to say he was “caught up”.

Rose is doing all she can to help her friend, but his pride is making it impossible.

In the end, Rose gives up and tells him he can tell it to the magistrate instead, and Tane seems indignant at the notion that Rose won’t just let him off scot-free.

Meanwhile, Marshall has had confirmation that Sonia would be willing to testify in court on behalf of Tane, which is a huge coup for their defence. But whilst Marshall is making good headway, Tane is only damaging the case further.

When Marshall receives a phone call from Rose as a last-ditch attempt to help, Marshall hightails it down to Yabbie Creek where Rose asks him to talk some sense into Tane.

Needless to say, Marshall is the last person that Tane wants to see.

Marshall attempts to explain that he and Flick had no idea of each other’s identity, but Tane isn’t willing to listen. As far as Tane’s concerned, he should have been working on his case rather than sleeping with his ex-wife.

In a moment of anger, Tane fires Marshall. Marshall says what we’re all thinking and tells Tane he’s an idiot if he thinks that he doesn’t need him, but Tane simply takes that as a cue to square up to him.

As Tane continues to make a show of himself, Rose and a colleague are forced to intervene and throw Tane into a cell to cool off.

Later, Felicity and Harper both visit Tane, but they fail to get through to him. Before she leaves for the night, Rose asks if he’s finally ready to give any sort of statement. Tane stubbornly remains silent.

Rose warns him that, although she’s managed to delay the arrest warrant, if Tane’s still in the cell when Sergeant Callan arrives in the morning then that will be it. He will be up in front of a magistrate and locked up on remand within hours.

The next morning, Marshall is about to head back to the city when Flick makes one final plea for him to help Tane. Marshall is reluctant, but Flick reminds him that it’s their actions that caused Tane to react the way he did.

Marshall heads back to the police station, and as the clock ticks down he asks Tane what is more important—his pride, or his freedom?

Tane’s currently awaiting his court appearance for kidnapping baby Poppy Rickard, who he’d found abandoned on the beach in April.


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