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Home and Away spoilers: Tane fling exposed, Leah hostage hell and Mack collapses

Tane begins sleeping with other women to cope with his breakup and Mackenzie collapses after being confronted by Felicity. Meanwhile, Leah is still haunted by memories of Vita Nova.

Mackenzie, a beloved character from Home and Away, may not survive if she passes out holding her chest next week.

Tane comes in and cuts off all communication with his wife, but Mackenzie and Felicity are still at strife. When their argument spills into a packed Salt, a furious Felicity declares that all meals will be provided free of charge.

Felicity resentfully complies to Mackenzie’s insistence that she shouldn’t be working, taking money straight out of the till to cover the cost of a hotel room. As Mackenzie leaves for home, Felicity knocks on her door. She apologizes and asks Mack to give Tane back her wedding ring as a sign of optimism for their union.

Tane refuses it and He apologises to Mac that she keeps getting caught in the middle. As Mali cooks breakfast for the housemates, Tane receives a barrage of texts from Felicity, and decides to block her entirely.

Tane throws the ring in the trash after Mackenzie tries again to return it, despite Mackenzie’s argument that perhaps he just needs to give it some time. Tane dismisses Harper and her planned PT session as she gets back to the gym.

He ends up declaring to everyone in the gym that his marriage is finished, even though she offers to talk to him about whatever is hurting him. Mali makes an effort to help Tane get through their breakup.

Tane’s own solution to get his wife out of his system is for a big night out, although Mali disapproves. The next morning, Tane introduces Mali to a one-night stand on her way out.

After Tane blocks all contact, Felicity knocks on Mac’s door in the middle of the night, asking to speak with him. Mac stands firm, but promises to pass her message on

When Cash confronts Mac the following day, he admits that Tane wasn’t even at home when Felicity came to see him since he was sleeping with someone else. Cash discusses the situation with Eden in private and debates telling Felicity the truth. Felicity, though, has been listening via the wall.

Her hostility grows as she goes straight to Salt to confront Mackenzie. Mack suddenly collapses to the ground, clutching her chest in agony. Felicity reels in horror, but Xander and Cash act fast and call for help.

Across the Bay, Justin confronts Leah about the research of insomnia and night terrors he uncovered. Admitting she’s had some hard nights of sleeping poorly, Justin pleads that she share these things with him and she agrees, parting ways to work.

After a long shift at the diner, an approaching car sends Leah’s mind racing back to the kidnapping. Justin emerges from the car and rushes to her side, as Leah explains since the nightmares started, she can’t make them stop.

Through tears, she finally admits that she needs help. Leah admits she’s been searching for sleeping tablets because every time she closes her eyes, she’s back in the factory.

Leah manages to fall asleep in Justin’s arms and sleeps through the entire night. The next morning, they return to wedding planning and set a date for Valentines Day


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