Home and Away Spoilers – Theo strikes back after Chloe’s manipulation

    Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, the dark truth about Dimitri is finally revealed after Theo strikes back, while Chloe sends out mixed messages…

    Theo discovered a kindred spirit in Chloe (Sam Barrett), who was feeling sorry for herself after being driven out of the home by Bella, when his aggressive father Dimitri (Salvatore Coco) showed up in Summer Bay suddenly last week (Courtney Miller).

    Theo recently admitted to John (Shane Withington) that he has been Dimitri’s punching bag since he was 14, but he is the only person Theo has confided in thus far. As they worked to heal the bond between father and son, Dimitri’s sister Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and her boyfriend Justin (James Stewart) were oblivious of the true nature of Dimitri’s character.

    After the death of Bella’s stepfather Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), Chloe had been enamoured with her, to the point where she disliked anyone or anything getting in the way of their spending out with, notably Bella’s lover Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo).


    When Bella and Nikau learned last week that Chloe had been lying to them about reaching out to her grieving mother Mia (Anna Samson), Bella confronted Chloe and asked her to leave.

    Theo later picked up Chloe on the side of the road, and the two took some time out to talk about their respective woes. When Chloe suggested they head back to her place, the pair ended up in bed together.

    When Nikau got home to find Chloe with a half-dressed Theo, he was taken aback, and after Theo left, Chloe saw a chance to manipulate the situation.

    Chloe confessed her’regret’ about sleeping with Theo to Nik, claiming that she was in a terrible mood after being rejected by Bella. She stated that Bella was the only one who would understand.

    Chloe was back at the farmhouse before we knew it, her ploy to earn compassion having worked well.

    Next week, Theo and Chloe bump into each other and are equally happy about the time they spent together.

    However, as Theo arranges a lunch date, Chloe notices Bella arriving. To save face, Chloe abruptly goes cold on a befuddled Theo, claiming that Theo was being clingy after their hookup as she exits with Bella.

    Chloe continues to play the victim, telling Bella that Theo is messaging her obsessively. Theo’s perplexity is increased when Bella turns him away from the farmhouse, telling him he’s being too passionate with Chloe and that her sleeping with him was a mistake.

    Theo later confronts Chloe outside the diner as he struggles to work out what’s going on, and is hurt when she turns around and says that the hookup meant nothing to her.

    It’s clear that Chloe is willing to sacrifice a chance at happiness with Theo in order to continue her manipulation of Bella, but how much further will she go?

    Meanwhile, Theo has more concerns as Dimitri goes on the offensive after learning that his son has been disparaging him.

    When Leah introduces John to Dimitri in the diner, John informs him that he’s heard a lot about him, which makes Dimitri feel uneasy.

    Later, Theo joins Dimitri, Leah, and Justin in the diner, and John keeps a close eye on the four.

    As tensions between Theo and Dimitri rise as he demands to continue their conversation concerning Theo’s return home, John steps in to save the day by immediately informing Theo that he would be late for his community service.

    Theo makes his escape, and Leah and Justin are left with a furious Dimitri demanding to know how Theo has ended up being on community service whilst on their watch!

    Back at the house, Justin and Leah are even more concerned, wondering why Theo would want to avoid coming home with Dimitri. When Dimitri abruptly ends the meeting and storms off to pursue his son, Justin and Leah agree that they must locate Theo as soon as possible before his father does.

    When Dimitri sees Theo enjoying lunch with John at the surf club, he sees an opportunity to get to know John after Theo leaves, so he offers to buy him a drink.

    With Dimitri, John keeps it calm, implying that Theo has had a lot to deal with, and that he must have run away for a good cause… They’re interrupted by Justin and Leah before John can continue.

    As everyone makes their way downstairs, Dimitri confronts Theo, accusing him of slandering him in the community.

    After his altercation with Chloe, Theo’s rage finally boils over as Dimitri grabs him and punches him to the ground!

    Justin doesn’t buy it, but it’s clear that there’s nothing else they can do unless Theo decides to open up.

    That is, until they get a visit from John, who has something important to tell them…

    When Theo later emerges from his room, a devastated Leah and Justin reveal that they know everything… and Dimitri is never going to hurt him again.

    Following Dimitri’s return to Summer Bay after 17 years last week, this week’s episodes include an off-screen reunion for the Poulos family.

    Danny Raco, who portrayed Leah and Dimitri’s youngest brother Alex from 2001 to 2004 with a brief reappearance in 2007, directed the block.

    Danny has been one of the regular directors on the show for over 15 years.



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