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Home and Away Spoilers – Will Tane leave Summer Bay?

This week on Australia’s Home and Away, Tane makes the decision to move out after realizing he has nothing left in Summer Bay, and Valerie ends up having a negative impact on Theo.

Tane (Ethan Browne), who had just returned from an impromptu trip to New Zealand, stepped into a fight between housemates Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Mali (Kyle Shilling) last week.

When Mac later disclosed that she had begun a full-fledged romance with married doctor Levi (Tristan Gorey), he was astounded.

After receiving all the information from Mali, Tane questioned Mac about her actions and reminded her of all the times she had advised him that honesty was crucial in a marriage.

Tane warned her that she was going to ruin someone’s life, but Mac pointed out that she wasn’t the one who was married. Tane apologized and said he was in no position to condemn anyone after Mac informed him that no one was perfect like he was.

Then, just before leaving for New Zealand, Tane told Mac that he had slept with Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), his soon-to-be ex-wife, and that he had instantly regretted it.

Tane was about to share a solution he had thought of when Mac’s phone rang, interrupting Tane’s statement that it would always be difficult to avoid temptation when they live in the same town.

It turns out that Tane intends to permanently leave Summer Bay this week!

Tane has previously stated that he hopes to visit New Zealand again in the future; before they broke up, he and Flick had begun the process of purchasing land there. Tane decided against making the purchase, but it’s obvious that his quick excursion stoked that desire again.

Tane is seen attempting to speak with Flick in Salt during the preview for tonight’s episode, but she is preoccupied with getting ready for their first-ever “Moonlight at Salt” event and requests that they speak later.

After that, Tane returns downstairs to tell Mali that he must move on because there is nothing left in Summer Bay for him.

Mali approaches Flick, worried, and inquires as to if she has spoken to Tane since he returned. Mali tells Flick that they are no longer continually up in one other’s life as she begs him to speak with Tane as soon as possible.

He tells her in a cryptic manner, “That might not be a problem any more,” but Flick immediately questions what that means.

Will Flick try to keep Tane in Summer Bay now that it appears she has accepted the loss of her marriage?

But, Tane’s longevity may already be indicated by the fact that show producer Lucy Addario hinted as a potential future plot.

In an interview with TV Week before to the show’s return to Australian television last month, Lucy predicted that Tane would find himself “in serious trouble with the law” as a result of the aftermath from his failed marriage.

This week, Valerie Beaumont (Courtney Clarke), a newbie, starts to mislead Theo (Matt Evans), further unraveling her mystery.

Valerie traveled to Summer Bay to visit Leah (Ada Nicodemou), with whom she had just lodged in a mental health facility.

Valerie discovered that Leah had chosen to remain at Summer Bay House with Alf (Ray Meagher), Marilyn (Emily Symons), and Roo (Georgie Parker) rather than returning home with Justin (James Stewart). Valerie chose to stay for a while and soon found herself in possession of a free vehicle at the caravan park.

Valerie quickly got to know Leah’s nephew Theo, and the two clicked right immediately, so much so that Leah encouraged them to hang around.

The two kept hanging together and getting to know one another since Theo was obviously in love.

Eventually, Valerie made the decision to tell Theo why she had spent eight months in the clinic: her family had disowned her because she had caused her brother’s death in an accident.

Valerie appeared to get a little upset when Leah decided to return home in the interim. She quickly saw that Leah had indicated that they had other extra rooms at the house, and she promptly informed Leah that she was all for the relocation if that was what she wanted.

Valerie then offered that Marilyn stay with Leah and Justin, which made Marilyn a bit hesitant, but Leah thought it was an excellent idea to help her feel more at ease around Justin.

Not understanding Valerie’s history, Justin wasn’t as interested, and when he tried to enquire about Valerie’s path to the clinic, she became hostile.

After agreeing to let her stay, Justin was shocked to hear from Marilyn that Valerie was the one who had insisted on having her move in.

This week, Theo tells Valerie that he’s feeling a little adrift right now and is encouraged by her confidence and matter-of-fact demeanor. He has been finding it difficult to complete his TAFE tasks, to the point of failing, and now that Lyrik is taking yet another forced sabbatical, his enthusiasm for his music appears to be waning.

In the alleyway off Saxon Avenue, Valerie takes Theo aside to offer him another kind of boost as the two go for Theo’s duet performance with Kirby (Angelina Thomson) at Salt. She delivers Theo a tablet that she says would help him relax for the evening, and Theo is shocked.

After some hesitation, Theo puts his trust in Valerie and puts it in his mouth.

Theo having a great time playing at the gig that evening. He gives Valerie a passionate kiss as he feels like he’s at the top of his game.

However, Theo’s ex-girlfriend Kirby is a little uneasy about Valerie and cautions him about his out-of-character behavior. Will he, however, interpret her worries as jealousy?

Courtney Clarke told TV Week, “There’s definitely an element of intrigue and mystery from [Kirby and others], especially when things start to get a little friendly with her and Theo.”

Theo is still feeling extremely happy and confident the following morning, so he asks Valerie for more right away.

Is Theo perched atop an extremely precarious hill?


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