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Home and Away spoilers: With River Boys as back-up, Mali seeks to get square with the Allens

Summer Bay sees the return of the River Boys in Home and Away – only this time, the surf-gang members aren’t the ones out for blood.

As the Allen family continue to turn the Bay upside down in the search for their money, their trail of destruction hits too close to home for Mali (Kyle Shilling). His older brother – troublemaker Iluka (Dion Williams) – is missing, and Mali believes the Allens are holding him captive.

And when Iluka is dropped off bloodied and bruised, Mali has no choice but to take matters into his own hands – or fists – and challenges the crooked family to meet him on a secluded street for an old-fashioned street fight.

“The only thing on Mali’s mind is that he has to stick up for his family,” Kyle, 28, tells TV WEEK. “He wants to show they’re not taking the situation lightly. He’s willing to do anything for his brother.”

Mali puts in a call to his old mate Dean (Patrick O’Connor), who arranges for two River Boys – Dingo (JK Kazzi) and Rory (Joshua Orpin) – to accompany Mali to the rendezvous.

With the River Boys behind him, Mali faces off with Gordie Allen (Brandon McClelland), going blow for blow. But when Nat Allen (Claire Lovering) pulls a knife from her pocket, Mali realises how serious things could get.

“Mali has really reached his breaking point,” Kyle explains. “He’s on the brink of seeing red. No-one knows the extent a person would go to while they’re at that heightened point of anger.”

As things look as if they’re about to reach a dangerous climax, a police vehicle speeds to a stop. Cop Rose (Kirsty Marillier) can’t believe that the street brawl she’s there to stop involves her boyfriend Mali.

Is there a way out of this for him or has Mali finally taken things too far?


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