Home and Away star Emily Weir opens up over alcohol addiction

    Emily Weir, who starred in the TV show Home and Away, has spoken up about her alcoholism.

    To cope with her anxiousness, the Mackenzie Booth actor turned to drinking, according to Australia’s Who Magazine.

    “I was self-medicating with red wine, but I managed to hide it all really well,” she admitted.

    “I ignored the issue because I wanted to travel and party with my friends, like most people in their early 20s. I started drinking more at that time because it combated the anxiety and all my fears dissipated. But I became reliant on booze.”

    She stated that she realised her personal life had crumbled and resolved to become sober, which she has done to this day.

    “I knew I had to stop drinking,” she added. “It wasn’t serving me well and I knew I had to finally address why I was drinking.”

    She revealed that she sought treatment from Alcoholic Anonymous and a counselor, which she claims won’t work for everyone but did for her.

    She continued: “The more you shine a light on anxiety and addiction, the less power it has. It’s definitely not easy, but by speaking out, I hope anyone else who’s struggling realises that these issues can and do affect anyone.

    “I’m passionate about shining that light on something that affects so many of us.”


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