Home and Away star Kawakawa Fox-Reo issues apology after joking about ‘loving steroids’

    After fans took offense to a recent Instagram post by Kawakawa Fox-Reo, he was forced to apologize.

    On March 30, the 24-year-old Home and Away actor captioned a since-deleted selfie of himself at the gym, ‘I love steroids.’

    According to The Daily Telegraph, the message was removed when The Daily Telegraph contacted Channel Seven, and Kawakawa then issued an apology.

    ‘I know I have made a serious error in judgment with this post and I have deleted it,’ he told The Daily Telegraph.

    ‘I realize my attempt at humor was misguided and misleading and sincerely apologize.’

    On the hit Channel Seven soap, the New Zealand-born actor portrays Nikau Parata, and he has over 53,000 Instagram followers.

    In the 12 days, before it was removed, the offending post earned almost 2,000 likes and 36 comments.

    However, not everyone got the joke, with one Instagram user claiming to have unfollowed Kawakawa and another calling it ‘idiotic.’

    ‘Surely this is a joke? Pretty sure your producers wouldn’t be a fan of you advertising roids [steroids],’ commented one fan.

    Added another: ‘Ur [You’re] a cool guy but please don’t advertise drugs. Young kids look up to u [you].’

    Kawakawa has previously expressed insecurity about his figure, revealing that filming shirtless sequences for Home and Away made him ‘nervous.’

    ‘I have always been a skinny kid. I’ve always had quite a fast metabolism,’ he confessed.

    ‘When I first started I was a bit nervous and self-conscious to be honest. But I have learned to get over myself and do my job over time.

    ‘I’ve learned to love myself a little bit more in that process, too. Right now it is not a big deal at all, whereas it used to be something that I was scared about.

    ‘I was self-conscious about how skinny I was, worried about what people would say. When you love yourself enough though, who cares what anybody else thinks.’


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