Home and Away star Lukas Radovich responds to Ryder Jackson’s exit

    Lukas Radovich, who plays Ryder Jackson on Home and Away, has shared his thoughts on the news of his character’s departure from the show.

    Ryder had been debating whether it was time for him to leave Summer Bay in the most recent episodes in Australia, and the opportunity came when his mother, Quinn, found him a position as a mixologist on a cruise ship.

    In addition, Ryder, who had been accompanying Mackenzie Booth to underground gambling evenings in earlier episodes, would have the opportunity to train as a casino croupier, which had become his newfound passion.

    Thursday’s triple bill of programs (May 5) in Australia included Ryder’s departure. This will air on UK screens on Channel 5 in June.

    Radovich has already taken to his Instagram account to share his farewell goodbyes with his fans.

    Posting a photo of him hugging his co-star Courtney Miller as well as a few other stills from his time on set, the actor wrote: “…and thanks for all the fish. What an incredible ride. I can’t really express how the last 5 years has felt or impacted my life so I’ll keep it short.

    “I’ll miss the job, but most importantly I’ll miss the people.”

    Radovich went on to give a special mention to the director of his final episodes, Tony Gardiner – “for directing my final block with empathy” – as well as the fans for making his time on the show an “unforgettable” experience.

    “Also having my parents and @liamforcadilla appear as extras in my final episodes fills my heart,” he added. “Until the next thing – catch you on the flipside.”

    The actor, who first appeared on Home and Away in 2017, is said to have completed his final scenes late last year.

    He isn’t the only actor leaving the show this season; Mia Anderson, who is played by Anna Samson, left last week’s Australian episodes.


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