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Home and Away star Sam Frost breaks her silence on why she quit the show

Sam Frost, a star of Home and Away, has opened out about the reasons why she left the serial opera at the end of last year, stating that she made the decision to take care of her own health.

Soon after it was revealed that Sam would be taking a brief vacation so she could get the COVID-19 immunization, it was revealed in December that she will be departing her role as Jasmine Delaney after four years playing her.

The actress recently posted an update to her Believe by Sam Frost Instagram account, explaining why she quit her “dream job” on Home and Away and started her own business. She said she did it to better take care of her health and spend more time with her loved ones.

“In order to take care of my mental health, I left my ideal job at Home & Away. I had to step back, return home, and spend time with my family. Take good care of my health and wellbeing, and that is most important,” she stated.

“I now spend the days doing the things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because I was too busy working, with the people I love. I spent 4.5 years missing important milestones as a sister, a distant friend, and a distant girlfriend.

“I’m now catching up on lost time. My relationships and health are my top priorities.

Sam added that she sometimes has worries about money and work since leaving her job, but explained that she believes it is vital for everyone to take time out “to heal our mind, body & soul”.

“The rest will fall into place,” she concluded.

Sam’s choice to leave Home and Away is one that we appreciate and support. With our sincere gratitude and best wishes for the future, Sam departs.

There is “very much an open door” for Sam to return to her role at some point, according to Sam’s former co-star Lynne McGranger, who portrays Irene Roberts on the serial opera.

The door is definitely open for her to return, she added, but she needed to be with her family. The manner she is currently absent from the Bay leaves lots of room for her return, and I have no doubt that she is currently negotiating with the producers.


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