Home and Away to air confession in ‘who killed PK?’ storyline

    The culprit is forced to come clean.

    Next week on UK television, the murder plotline in Home and Away is resolved.

    After Dean Thompson takes extreme measures to clear his identity, the person responsible for PK’s death comes forwards.

    Dean battles with becoming the main suspect in the police investigation in forthcoming episodes on Channel 5.

    While at Bella Nixon’s departure party, Dean makes an effort to put the unsettling scenario out of his mind, but he becomes sidetracked when Nugget, one of his River Boy acquaintances, calls him repeatedly.

    Dean ultimately finds an excuse to leave early and misses Bella’s departure from the Bay. Ziggy Astoni, Dean’s girlfriend, is now concerned about what he is doing as a result.

    Nathan, a poker player, is being held hostage by the River Boys in a dilapidated house, so Dean goes there.

    Dean commands the con artist to speak as he has a strong suspicion that Nathan killed PK and falsely accused him of the crime.

    Dean is enraged by Nathan’s blatant lying despite his claims that he is unaware about PK’s death.

    Later, when Ziggy calls, Dean’s questioning tactics are halted. Ziggy begs Dean to return home, but he refuses because he is confident that he will be able to speak with Nathan and receive the information he needs.

    Dean is horrified to see Nathan escape while on the phone, being pursued by the other two River Boys.

    Nathan hurts himself and goes to a junkyard outside to hide in an attempt to escape correctly. But as soon as Dean sees him, he drags him back inside, ominously signalling that he’s done being polite.

    Soon enough, Dean brings a bloodied Nathan into the police station.

    Cash Newman and the other officers are shocked as a defeated Nathan confesses that he killed PK and framed Dean for it.

    Is Dean’s ordeal finally over?

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