Home and Away tops entertainment programs ahead of Winter Olympics

    Last night, Seven’s Home and Away was the most popular entertainment program, but its Winter Olympics coverage was the most popular among the 16 to 39 and 18 to 49 categories.

    On Thursday, Seven News at 6.30 topped the 25-54 demographic, and Seven also had the highest network share.

    With 475,000 metro viewers, Seven’s Home and Away led entertainment programs, followed by Night 13 of Seven’s Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Games coverage with 460,000 metro viewers.

    With 459,000 metro viewers, Nine’s RBT came in second.

    Following that, 447,000 metro viewers tuned in to watch the Winter Olympics’ Evening 13 broadcast.

    Overall, with 865,000 metro viewers, the top show was Seven News at 6.30, followed by Seven News with 854,000 metro viewers.

    With 792,000 metro viewers, Nine News was second, followed by Nine News 6.30 with 729,000 metro viewers.

    Seven had 34.5 percent of the network share, followed by Nine with 27.3 percent. ABC came in second with 16.2 percent, followed by Ten with 13.6 percent.

    Seven News topped the latest Consolidated TV report for the 10th of February with 1.432 million total viewers, including 34,000 BVOD viewers nationally and a 3% boost.

    However, SBS’ The Long Call had the largest uplift, with a 120 percent increase in viewers, reaching 434,000 viewers with 122,000 on BVOD nationally.

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