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Home and Away’s Angelo Rosetta finds a new way to torment Colby Thorne

After finding his big betrayal, Home and Away’s Angelo Rosetta battles back against Colby Thorne on Australian screens next week.

For weeks, Angelo (Luke Jacobz) has been at odds with Colby, as he firmly believes that his fellow cop is liable for Ross Nixon’s murder.

Angelo was offered another excuse to dislike Colby (Tim Franklin) in this week’s Australian episodes when he learned that his wife Taylor had been sleeping with the sneaky schemer.

Angelo took action to recover the upper hand quickly, offering a necklace to Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) that had a small recording bug tucked inside. He also followed and photographed Taylor and Colby sneaking about together.

As Angelo contacted Colby and told him that they wanted to chat, Thursday night’s triple bill of episodes in Australia (October 22) ended with a teaser of the next drama to come.

Angelo gets his opportunity to talk to Colby next week and taunts him with the news that a new witness has come forward in the Ross case.

As a significant achievement, Angelo excites this up, indicating that a settlement might be inevitable.

This will make Colby feel uncomfortable, but can Angelo tell the truth or test his reactions?

Plus, how much will Angelo find out as he tries to eavesdrop on her through the necklace about Taylor’s relationship with Colby?

Home and Away followers in the UK can see Angelo’s discovery of the affair on Channel 5 in a month.


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