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Home and Away’s Chloe Anderson exits soap amid biker gang drama

She bows out after warnings from Tane and Nikau.

The last episodes of Chloe Anderson’s Home and Away will air next week in the UK.

After playing Chloe for more than a year, Sam Barrett has left the soap opera.

Chloe will become a target of the biker gang that is currently harassing the Parata family in upcoming episodes of Channel 5.

By using the gym to launder money, Tex Wheeler and the other gang members are pressuring Tane Parata to assist them.

Instead of agreeing to the bikies’ requests for illicit behavior at the gym, Tane tries to pay them off. If the Paratas continue to refuse to assist them, Tex refuses to take this into account and threatens to harm Chloe.

When the bikies begin to maintain a menacing presence outside the Parata residence to scare Tane and Nikau, the pressure mounts.

Chloe is in danger and must leave right away for New Zealand, so Tane makes the decision to covertly transport her to a motel.

Tane urges Chloe to phone her boyfriend Theo Poulos and let him know she won’t be able to see him for a while in order to attract the least amount of attention possible.

Responding to Theo’s call and stating that she must attend to a family matter, Chloe complies. She eventually locks herself in the motel bathroom to give herself some time to consider because she is still reluctant to leave.

Chloe comes to the realization that it would be better for everyone if she fled to New Zealand, where she could hide out with her mother Mia and the wider Parata family.

Chloe bids the Paratas a tearful farewell before being driven to the airport by a relative Tane arranged.

Tane and Nikau realize it’s time to confront the bikers now that Chloe is gone. What can they do to escape this dilemma, though?

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