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Home and Away’s first season to get repeat run on UK television

A new TV channel in the UK is planning to rerun the first season of Home and Away.

After debuting in Britain in February 1989, the renowned Australian soap opera has been airing in that country for almost 35 years (a year after its Australian debut).

It is now official that That’s TV will debut the first season of Home and Away on its sister channel, That’s TV 2, on Freeview tomorrow, January 3.

The channel is also scheduled to air series like Humans, Prisoner: Cell Block H, and Baywatch.

Head of programming for That’s TV and That’s TV 2, Kris Vaiksalu, said, “Over the past year That’s TV has reached new heights and we now have a schedule bursting with iconic TV shows from Benidorm to Shameless.”

“We would want to present so many more classic TV shows, but we just don’t have enough hours in the day. I then pondered, “What would Einstein do?” We’re incredibly thrilled and honored to be launching That’s TV 2, our second archival TV channel, even though it’s been a lot of work.

“Our aim is to make it a complete nostalgia-fest with such iconic shows from the beginning as Home and Away, Humans, Prisoner Cell Block H and Baywatch. That’s TV 2 does what it says on the tin – it’s a second helping of iconic TV from the That’s TV team.”

In other Home and Away news, actor Georgie Parker, who plays Roo Stewart, recently gave an explanation for her propensity to take absences from the show, stating that she enjoys having more freedom to pursue other interests.

“The writers have to keep writing me out of the show so I can come and go – to do the plays and other little gigs here and there, so I don’t envy them having to do that,” she stated to TV Week.

“I believe it’s critical that, at this point in my career, I get to investigate all of my choices for collaborating with individuals who I’ve known for 40 years. I’m really appreciative that I have the flexibility to do both.”


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