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Home and Away’s Harper and Dana to face major dilemma over Irene

Fears for the future.

As their experience goes on, Harper and Dana Matheson from Home and Away will have to make a difficult choice regarding Irene.

Scenes from the Australian and UK episodes that air next week depict Harper, who is still awaiting trial, helping to hide her sister Dana when she went on the run after being falsely accused of drug-related offenses.

Although Irene Roberts already had a criminal history, she assisted in hiding Dana from the authorities by using her home as a base. Consequently, Harper’s attorney suggests that she avoid Irene; she subsequently tells Cash and Eden of this.

Cash advises Harper to speak with her about this so that Irene is ready for the possibility that the prosecution would be harsh with her.

Harper follows through on this the following day, explaining to Irene why she has been avoiding her. Irene encourages her to heed her lawyer’s advise, acknowledging the circumstances.

Harper assures Irene that despite how much Irene has helped her, she won’t be leaving her behind. John then insists that Irene visit an attorney of her own.

John continues to pester Irene about this, but Irene doesn’t want to hear her friend’s concern. In a fury, she kicks him out of the Diner, but privately she is scared about her future.

Irene hits breaking point when she catches Harper and Dana looking up her criminal charges, thinking that they’re now doubting their decision to stand by her. John continues to support her, which Irene is grateful for.

What does the future hold for Harper, Irene and Dana?


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