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Home and Away’s Levi Fowler to spark affair suspicions – but with a catch

Is Levi’s double-life is under threat?

Upcoming scenes on Home and Away will see Levi Fowler’s carefully hidden double-life come under threat after his sister Eden Fowler suspects he is having an affair.

Since arriving in Summer Bay, Australian-paced episodes have seen Cardiothoracic Surgeon Levi embark on a relationship with his former patient Mackenzie Booth after saving her life – while also keeping his wife Imogen at arms length.

However scenes which are set to air this week in Australia will see Levi’s actions arose suspicion from his sister Eden, however its Dr Bree Cameron and not Mack who she believes he is having an affair with.

During a fundraiser at Salt, Bree decides to make ex-boyfriend Remi Carter jealous by dancing provocatively with Levi at the event.

Unfortunately for Levi their dancing doesn’t go unnoticed by Eden, who then questions her brother over his relationship with Bree.

Levi is able to convince Eden that nothing is going on between him and Bree and – after carefully stirring the conversation away from any mention of Mackenzie – he thinks he’s gotten away with his actions.

However the surgeon’s web of lies while once again threaten to come crashing down after Eden invites his wife Imogen over to the pay to plan a surprise visit for Levi. Will his actions be exposed?

Speaking to TV WEEK about the storyline, actor Tristan Gorey revealed that Imogen’s arrival won’t be a pleasant one for Levi as he scrambles to keep his lies from being uncovered.

“With Imogen in the Bay, it will certainly bring its own unique set of challenges to the arrangement Mackenzie and Levi have,” he said of the storyline.

“If Levi wants to continue seeing Mackenzie, as well as maintaining a relationship with his sister, he’ll need to ensure he’s quick on his feet!”

Meanwhile, a tense new trailer for the soap has revealed that Levi and Mac’s affair is at risk of being exposed after the pair are unable to stop seeing each other.


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