Home and Away’s Luke Van Os reveals how his famous cousins Chris and Liam Hemsworth helped him prepare for his acting debut

    Luke Van Os, a newcomer to Home and Away, made his acting debut as paramedic Xavier this year, but the 25-year-old made headlines for his connection to Chris and Liam Hemsworth, two of Australia’s biggest exports.

    Luke’s father, Robert, is the brother of Leonie, the mother of the blockbuster natives, making them first cousins.

    The aspiring actor, who was placed in the classic soap in October 2021, has stated that his famous relatives have provided him with sound guidance and encouragement.

    “Chris is in LA, but he watched my interviews on The Morning Show and Sunrise. I spoke to him right before because I was so nervous,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

    Chris began his acting career as Kim Hyde on [Home and Away] and is allegedly looking forward to passing the torch to Luke.

    “He loves it. He has been through everything I am going through now so for him to share that experience I think is really exciting.”

    According to their relative, Liam and Luke Hemsworth have also “been a wonderful support.”

    “Because this market is so tough and difficult to navigate, having any kind of solid guidance from someone who has been there before is such a benefit.”

    What about their wise counsel? “Just be cool,” Luke’s relatives advised him. And embrace it, knowing that nerves will never go away; the key is to get comfortable with them rather than fearful of them.

    “Embrace it and know that it is a comfortable place to be. Just be yourself, don’t try and be anything you are not.”

    The newcomer to Home and Away also revealed to the publication his unusual and maybe industry-splitting decision to view his performances on tape.

    “It is definitely difficult to watch yourself,” he admits.

    “We are our own worst critics, but I think if you can learn to watch yourself in a constructive way, analyse it and get better, that is the point.”


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