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Home and Away’s Mackenzie Booth faces more heartbreak in Logan story

Mackenzie Booth and Logan Bennett’s relationship on Home and Away might be done.

Late last year, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Logan (Harley Bonner) formed a deep romantic bond, but a new storyline threatens to pull them apart.

Logan was stunned by the appearance of his ex-girlfriend Neve Spicer shortly after Home and Away returned to Australia for the 2022 season (Sophie Bloom).

Neve is suffering from PTSD as a result of her experience working as an army medic in Afghanistan, so Mac graciously consented to let her live with her and Logan for a bit.

In the episode that aired on Channel 7 in Australia on Thursday, Mac realized that she could no longer live with Neve.

Logan seemed to be sliding away from Mac because of his constant concern for his former partner, so Mac told him to tell Neve to go.

The ultimatum didn’t go over well with Logan, but Mac made it obvious that their relationship was on the line.

When Mac returned home later, she was taken aback to find Logan packing his belongings with Neve.

Logan moved in with Neve while she moved into a motel, wanting to keep a tight eye on her.

To make matters even more problematic, the sole room with a double bed was full, so Logan announced that he’d be sleeping on the couch.

Mac is now dealing with even more heartache after learning that Logan has chosen to aid his ex-girlfriend over staying with her. Is their relationship going to be able to withstand this, or is it already over?

In March, Home and Away fans in the United Kingdom will be able to witness these moments on Channel 5 and 5STAR.


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