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Home and Away’s Matt Evans reveals why he doesn’t fall in love easily as he prepares to debut new music

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday, the gorgeous actor admitted that he has yet to meet someone special outside of the world of film and television.

As far as he knows, there is no one on the horizon right now.

However, he acknowledged that he has a hard time falling in love because he is drawn to writing about love.

Even though I don’t have many girlfriends and don’t fall in love quickly, I create a lot of love songs,’ he confessed.

‘I think it’s just easier for me to express myself via music than in real life,’ he said.

On the show, Matt, who portrays Theo Poulos, will be playing his song in upcoming sequences.

Because it’s good to have the best of both worlds coming together, he said, “That is incredibly thrilling for me.”

‘It’s good to be able to do both acting and music at the same time, since I’ve had to give up music for a long.’

Following his time on The Voice, Matt was cast on Home and Away in September of last year.

Delta Goodrem coached him throughout the season, and he finished in the top 20.

As he said to The Daily Telegraph, the 25-year-old continues to learn as he works in the industry.

This is my first day and I’m learning so lot already,’ he explained.

With no acting credits to his name on IMDb, his humorous nature and passion of ‘impersonating’ made him a natural fit for the part he has taken on.

If I’m being honest, it just feels easy for me to fall into the role of a character since I’ve always been a bit of an outcast and loved doing impersonations.

Matt first gained notoriety as a member of Team Delta on the popular singing competition show, then as one half of the duo Goldi with Janie Gordon.

In an interview with The Mud Mag from last year, he said: ‘When I was young, I always believed that my route to success was going to be different.

‘I felt exceptional when I discovered the arts. At the time, he added, “I knew this was a voyage I wanted to do.”


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