Home and Away’s Parata family conflict after Ari’s death in 12 spoiler pictures

    Your full collection of photos revealing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, April 25.

    The Paratas gather for a family breakfast, But tensions are running high.

    Nikau has had enough of Chloe, Chloe gatecrashed a cozy meal for Nikau and Bella last night. Bella went along with it, sensing that Chloe wasn’t coping with Ari’s death.

    Nikau complains to Chloe, He accuses her of playing the victim to secure Bella’s attention.

    Tane is not impressed, He wants the family to pull together following Ari’s death, rather than falling out like this.

    Bella is also disappointed in Nikau, She takes Chloe’s side.

    Nikau continues to make his point, He firmly believes that Chloe is being manipulative and too possessive over Bella.

    Nikau reaches breaking point, He storms out of the family breakfast.

    Mia is baffled, She wonders what the cause of the tension is.

    Felicity and Tane talk, Felicity recently told Tane that she isn’t sure whether she’ll ever want marriage or children.

    Felicity fears it’s the end for her and Tane, She knows how important family is to Tane.

    Things look up for Felicity, Tane promises that Felicity’s recent honesty wasn’t a deal-breaker for their relationship.

    Felicity and Tane kiss, and Their relationship gets back on track.


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