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Home and Away’s Remi Carter to face a major setback with his recovery

Remi’s refusal to accept help leads to a medical emergency.

Remi Carter from Home and Away will have a severe setback in his recuperation this week when he goes through a dramatic collapse.

Fans in Australia have already witnessed Remi become caught up in a terrifying hit-and-run event where he was struck by a car driven by two men who were fighting while riding his motorcycle.

Remi has overcome the odds by surviving his severe injuries after the accident in the 2023 season finale, but it’s obvious that he isn’t out of the woods just yet.

Remi has been released from the hospital and is getting settled back at home in scenes that will premiere in Australia this week and the UK in March. Remi’s Lyrik bandmates Kirby Aramoana and Eden Fowler take over for him when his love Bree Cameron is visiting her ailing father out of town.

Actor Adam Rowland, who plays Remi, told TV Week that Remi suffered from severe internal hemorrhaging as a result of traumatizing blunt force trauma to the heart. “Only by sheer luck is Dr Levi Fowler in town, and he acts quickly to perform an emergency cardiac thoracotomy, an operation with a 20% survival rate.”

Although Remi is making progress in his recovery, he has been warned to take things slowly and keep a close eye on his pain, which Bree has also insisted on. But when Bree phones for an update, Remi lies that he’s still in hospital, not wanting his girlfriend to worry about him.

Baffled by his lie, Kirby and Eden question their friend, but he quickly tells them to back off and mind their own business. While neither of them feel good about lying to Bree, who has specifically asked to be kept updated on Remi’s progress as both a partner and a doctor, they decide not to tell her the truth.

However, as the day progresses, Remi’s pain continues to escalate. Kirby and Eden urge him to call Bree, but he refuses to bother her once again.

Coming across Remi hot, sweaty and writhing in pain, his friends realise that they only have minutes before he might be in serious medical trouble.

With no choice left, Eden makes a phone call that could save Remi’s life. Will he be okay?


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