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Home and Away’s Ryder Jackson receives death warning in new clip

Will he make it out alive?

Home and Away returns to screens in Australia next week, and will air the next part of Ryder Jackson’s burial storyline, carrying on from the cliffhanger that aired in November.

Ryder was buried alive as part of an online video challenge, with Theo Poulos supposed to keep an eye on him and let him out after five hours. Unfortunately, Theo tripped and knocked himself out.

Ryder is still buried and live streaming, reacting to comments and interacting to his audience in this promo for next week’s shows. One individual, who looks to be a professional, states that if Ryder keeps going at this pace, he will run out of air in 90 minutes, and there will be no one to aid him…

Will the new year really kick off with a death, or will Ryder somehow be rescued? Well, you can find out a little bit more bit more about the episode right here.

Another major cliffhanger that will be resolved in 2022 concerns Mia and Chloe Anderson, who were involved in a fight with Chloe’s evil father Matthew Montgomery, which resulted in his death. Mia stuffed the body into the boot of the car and drove away, but she drew the notice of police officer Cash Newman, who was close on her tail.

Meanwhile, Matthew Stewart is struggling with the decision of whether or not to accept a kidney from her daughter Roo.

All in all, a dramatic start to 2022 for the residents of Summer Bay.

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