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Home and Away’s Sam Frost’s past relationships and breakups from former boyfriends away from Jasmine Delaney

After portraying the local nurse for the past four years, the soap actress announced her decision to leave the famous show in order to spend more time with her family.

Because of her role as local hospital nurse Jasmine Delaney on Home and Away, Sam Frost has become a fan favorite.

The heroine has been through a lot, but she’s managed to get back on her feet as she continues her connection with copper Cash Newman.

In real life, though, the couple has been rumored to be dating after she shared a lovely photo of them on social media.

Why did Sam leave Home and Away?

Sam stated that she wanted to spend more time with her friends and family, thus she opted to leave the show.

While the show was her “dream job,” she said she needed time to focus on her mental health and take a break to be with her family.

Sam says she finally gets to spend time with the people she loves after “4.5 years of being a distant friend, a distant girlfriend, a sister who couldn’t be present for important milestone occasions” since she announced her retirement.

In the future, the 31-year-old says she will put her health and relationships first.

Are Sam and her co-star dating?

In real life, Sam and her co-star Nick Cartwright, who plays her on-screen lover, are just friends.

The stars are not in a romantic relationship, despite the fact that fans think they look like a good match and want them to date.

Many people were curious about their situation after Sam posted a cute photo of them on Instagram, but the Jasmine star was quick to answer.

She wrote: “This is not my boyfriend. this is my dear friend who plays my on-screen partner on H&A.. but I agree, we are adorable.

“Lucky to work alongside such a wonderful person who always has my back x”.

Who is Sam in a relationship with?

Sam has been candid about her prior loves and breakups, but it is unknown if she is currently dating anyone.

She dated Dave Bashford, a veteran naval diver, for several years and the two remained close.

The Home and Away actress shared photos of them at various occasions and on vacations on social media.

Sam referred to him as her best friend, saying they had been through “so much together” since they met when they were “young and dumb.”

She went on to say that they had “lost each other” but had found their way back to each other.

The couple has subsequently broken up, with a woman describing him as “an incredible person” and claiming that their separation was neither unpleasant nor messy.

Dave was the subject of her final article in September 2019, however, it was said that they reconnected in February 2021.

She was recently linked to Instant Hotel star Jay Bruno, with the two reportedly moving in together during the lockdown.

Sam claimed they were friends, but Jay claimed they broke up because he didn’t see a future with her.

She was also engaged to Blake Garvey, whom she met on the Australian version of The Bachelor, after he chose her.

In 2014, they split up immediately after he got down on one knee.


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