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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman explains why she’ll be apart from co-star partner on Valentine’s Day



Despite being in love with her co-star Patrick O’Connor in real life, Sophie Dillman has stated that the two will not be spending Valentine’s Day together.

The couple, whose on-screen characters Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson are also in a relationship, have been dating since 2019, but Sophie has said that this day of the year is always reserved for her tight group of female friends.

“There’s a group of my friends that always go to a big all-you-can-eat Italian restaurant and celebrate the gals,” she told TV Week, adding that the group will be spending the evening swapping stories about dating disasters – even if she doesn’t have any to tell herself.

“I actually don’t have any horror stories,” she said. “I mean, I’ve been hideously alone for a number of Valentine’s Days, but I’ve had no horror stories so I guess I’m very lucky.”

However, when Sophie and Patrick do go on a date, it won’t be anything lavish, as the actress confessed that her favorite thing to do with Patrick is have a quiet supper at home.

“I love a home cooked meal,” she said. “When I’ve had a really big day at work, coming home and my partner having cooked dinner is my favourite thing in the world. He’s a very good cook. We’ve had some great meals together.”

But how would Ziggy and Dean spend Valentine’s Day, especially after a year filled with so many difficulties?

“I think [Ziggy] will definitely be spending it with Dean, they’ll probably go for a surf and have pizza and beer. That’s their dream,” Sophie said.

The actress recently opened out about the difficulties of acting out love sequences on Home and Away with her real-life boyfriend, describing it as “really pretty hard work.”

“Paddy and I are different to our characters so making their instincts seem natural when they aren’t our own is a good challenge,” she explained.


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