Home and Away’s Tane and Dean fall out as Mia is left devastated

    Tensions continue to run high after Ari’s death.

    Tane Parata of Home and Away will be confronted by Dean Thompson next week on UK television.

    When Mia Anderson feels betrayed by her family, Tane gets irritated when Dean intervenes.

    Mia is afraid that her daughter Chloe and nephew Nikau Parata are relying too heavily on their friends for assistance following Ari’s death in forthcoming scenes on Channel 5.

    Mia doesn’t want their family to fall apart now that Ari is gone, so she throws a dinner party for everyone.

    Tane decides to leave after his girlfriend Felicity Newman asks him to an illicit poker night organised by Mackenzie Booth at Salt.

    Mia prepares a sumptuous lamb roast meal, assuming that no news is good news from everyone else.

    Chloe and Nikau are supposed to be at the table, but neither of them shows up.

    Mia is left alone with only her wine for company, still in a vulnerable state as a result of her sadness for Ari.

    Mia becomes tired of waiting for guests who never show up, so she goes to the Astonis’ farmhouse to hunt for Chloe.

    Both Ziggy Astoni and Dean explain that Chloe isn’t present, but they see Mia’s obvious unhappiness and invite her to stay.

    Mia, who is lonely, thanks the pair for their help, saying that she feels like she’s a burden to her family, who are all avoiding her.

    When Tane discovers what occurred, he feels guilty for abandoning Mia and prioritising a poker night when she needed him the most.

    The next day at the beach, Dean confronts Tane for messing up with Mia.

    Tane warns Dean to back off, but Dean thinks he deserves a say since Nikau and Chloe are both spending so much time at his place.

    Ziggy rebukes Dean for being aggressive when he should be respecting the family’s privacy, but will he take notice of the warning?

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