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Home and Away’s Tane Parata makes a surprising offer to Felicity Newman

Their relationship develops further.

Next week on UK television, Tane Parata from Home and Away will ask Felicity Newman to move their relationship forwards.

As Felicity gets ready to return to the campground, Tane muses on their relationship.

After Tane’s recent stabbing incident, Felicity has been residing at the Parata home to keep a careful eye on him.

Tane appears totally recovered when he returns to work for the first time since the event in the Channel 5 shows airing the following week.

Felicity interprets Tane’s recuperation as a sign that it’s time to go and begins packing her things, despite the fact that she has liked spending uninterrupted time with him. She is unsure of her desire to return to her caravan in spite of this.

After a good first day back at the gym, Tane is excited to get home, but he is dismayed to see Felicity’s bags packed.

Tane asks Felicity to move in with him unexpectedly, and he is happy when she accepts.

Tane doesn’t receive the enthusiastic reception he was looking for when he later shares the good news with his nephew Nikau.

Home and Away: Alf reveals he’s leaving Summer Bay and a nasty rift could cause Lyrik to break up

Felicity queries Nikau, worried that he would object to her moving in.

Nikau stresses right away that he has nothing against Felicity but that he will now be living with two contented and in-love couples.

Nikau, in contrast, is currently separated from Bella Nixon, his girlfriend, who is in New York for business.

When Nikau is later discovered checking up flights to New York, Tane is even more shocked.

Nikau feels guilty about neglecting his lifeguard responsibilities in the Bay, but Tane encourages him to do what makes him happy and fly out to Bella if that’s what he needs to do. Will Nikau go?


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