Home and Away’s Theo Poulos makes a concerning discovery about Leah

    What’s Leah been up to?

    As Home and Away continues to explore Theo Poulos’ painful background, he feels betrayed by his aunt Leah Patterson-Baker and Justin Morgan’s conduct.

    In recent episodes, Theo revealed his upbringing to John Palmer, stating that he was abused by his father Dimitri while living with him.

    In the next moments, Theo will be surprised to learn that Leah, who has lately returned from Cyprus, has returned to the city with his parents.

    Leah and Justin have gone behind Theo’s back, and he feels betrayed. When John advises that they tell them about Dimitri’s abuse, Theo is hesitant because he thinks Leah and Justin would stand with Dimitri.

    In a frantic attempt to pull her away from his father, Theo phones his aunt and begs her to come back soon.

    He then confronts Justin about Leah’s location, prompting Justin to lie, but Theo catches him. Theo is subsequently compelled to confront Justin, who informs him that Leah is not just with his father, but also attempting to reconcile the two.

    He tells Theo that Leah is aware of the father-son rivalry, but he doesn’t know why.

    Theo allows his feelings to boil over at work on an unsuspecting Ziggy, upset that Leah and Justin would go behind his back like way. As a result, Justin decides to intervene and try to resolve the problem.

    Theo later comes to believe that his aunt is trying to get rid of him in secret, and he refuses to believe Justin when he tells him differently.

    Will Leah discover the truth about Dimitri and his treatment of Theo?


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