Home and Away’s Xander confronts Cash after he lashes out at Rose

    ”There’s nothing Xander wouldn’t do to protect his big sister.”

    Xander is in a very unpleasant situation because two sisters are in love with the same man. He makes the decision to meet Cash this week and issue a severe warning.

    Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and Xander (Luke Van Os) eagerly unload their possessions at their new apartment in the television series Home And Away. The siblings are ready for a new beginning now that they have finally made their way to Summer Bay.

    For police officer Rose, who still harbours affections for Cash, her coworker and the boyfriend of Rose’s sister Jasmine (Sam Frost), things are unfortunately a little more complicated.

    With newbie Tex Wheeler (Lucas Linehan), who recently took her out on a date, she chooses to maintain her distance and move on.

    Later, after Rose has asked to work alternate shifts, Cash and Rose argue in the police station.

    She is endangering his reputation, and he is furious about it. Rose fumbles through her speech before hastily leaving, her eyes filling with tears.
    When Xander finds her unhappy when he gets home, he’s had enough.

    According to Luke, 25, “Rose and Xander are really close.” Like all siblings, they fight a lot, but Xander would do anything to keep his older sister safe.

    The following day, Xander plans a family meal for himself, Cash, Rose, and Tex. But simply eating lunch together won’t end the enmity.

    When Rose and Cash lash out at each other once again, Xander steps in to protect his sister. The two men glare at each other, while the other restaurant patrons look on.


    Mac’s Salt saga continues

    She may have kept herself out of jail, but Mac is still in enormous financial debt. This week, the owner of Salt comes to a heartbreaking decision about her future: she’s going to sell her business.

    Mac (Emily Weir) is unsure on how to restore her finances after returning from the city with no bites from potential investors.

    Mac has learned her lesson and won’t borrow money or barter with anyone after getting sucked into illicit poker nights and PK’s (Ryan Johnson) machinations.

    Now, she has to face her failures.

    The following day, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) arrives at Salt to find Mac holding a “For Sale” sign. The friends agree it’s the end of an era – but is it?

    With a fresh idea in mind, Felicity races off to find her brother Cash, leaving Mac to wine and dine potential buyers. Can Salt be saved?

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