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Home and Away’s Ziggy Astoni makes a major decision over her future

Are Ziggy’s dreams coming true?

Recent Home and Away episodes left Ziggy disappointed when she had to give up on her ambition of being a professional surfer, but she might not have given up entirely.

In following scenes, Ziggy and Dean return from a surfing trip earlier than expected because of obligations in their personal life.

And she finds that returning to work is a harsh return to reality since in addition to dealing with the daily grind, she also learns about how wonderfully things are going for other people, especially Theo and the band Lyric.

Justin alerts Dean that something doesn’t look right when Ziggy loses her composure, and despite Dean’s insistence that they had a wonderful time together, Justin assumes it must have been something that happened over the holiday.

Ziggy says that their vacation just made her want for the life she thinks she could have had so Dean decides to take her out to lunch to try and understand what is wrong with her.

Although Dean lends a sympathetic ear, he becomes concerned that he might be getting in the way of her happiness and her dreams as a result.

Ziggy’s melancholy only becomes worse when she has to hear more from Lyric about how wonderfully their most recent performance went, and she keeps thinking about the surfing competition advertisement.

Dean then determines that he must provide her the motivation she needs to pursue her goals. He exhorts her to enter the competition and promises to wait for her at Summer Bay for as long as it takes.

She is thrilled by his encouragement and enthusiastic about the future when he advises her to leave the following day so she may arrive there just in time for the competition.

But can Ziggy fare as well in the competition as she hopes?


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