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How Sam Frost and Survivor star Jordie Hansen went from unexpected couple to relationship goals

Fans were surprised by the unlikely combination when Home and Away actor Sam Frost and former Survivor participant Jordie Hansen made their romance public in March 2022.
But Sam and Jordie have shown they’re a match made in heaven with open expressions of love, constant giggles, and a shared love of the great outdoors!
During an interview with Stellar on March 27, Sam made her first clue that she had a particular someone in her life by stating that she was “casually dating someone.”

Sam revealed to the radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa two days later that she had fallen in love with Jordie, who just so happened to be her younger brother Alex’s buddy and fellow Survivor contestant.
“When I bailed out my brother, I asked, “Is he single or what?” He responded, “Ah, don’t be weird.” You’re so embarrassing, he says.” Sam disclosed.
“He’s a kid. You know, I’m a little cougar.”

Couplets of snow bunnies Sam and Jordie had fun spending the day skiing at Mount Hotham.

Plus one warning! Jordie went to her friend’s wedding with Sam in June, and we have to admit that they look very stunning together.

After their recent road trip to the Flinders Ranges, Jordie gushed over Sam. “Sambo would be thrown into the deep end if I brought her on this trip, I knew that. But she amazed me with how at ease and assured she seemed “He wrote. Sam started the fire and started cooking dinner while I was still setting up the tent.

In the middle of June, Sam and Jordie couldn’t have been happier as they had a night out at the AFL.

Sam praised Jordie for taking her on the “experience of a lifetime” after a quick trip to Uluru.

“I like learning and listening. Your soul and close ties to the environment and neighborhood are absolutely lovely. I feel incredibly honored to travel with you, “She wrote the caption for this picture.

After the two of them had a road trip across Victoria in early June, Jordie wrote a touching homage to Sam.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the chance to not just embark on this experience with her but also to live it with her. The Survivor actor captioned this photo of Sam, “Everyday with her is an adventure and an experiment to explore just how much juice we can drain out of existence.

“You make me a better man every day by continuing to inspire and thrill me more and more. You make me laugh and teach me new things every day.

“Love doing life with you.”

Sam and Jordie have kept detailed records of their trip to Uluru in May 2022, and they couldn’t appear more content!

Sam and Jordie took a romantic break to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia in the middle of May.

Together toothbrushing couples tend to remain together! Sam posted this adorable photo of her and Jordie on Easter wearing coordinated clothing.

“One bright spot in a sea of torch-snuffers. I’m really happy for you.” This picture was taken at Sam’s autobiography launch, and Jordie captioned it.

They’re a seriously good looking couple!

“So very thankful for you. We appreciate all that you do for our small family. We adore you a lot “Sam captioned this picture, mentioning the wonderful puppies she and Jordie had!

Sam publicly wished Jordie a happy 27th birthday in late May. Regarding their age difference, the 33-year-old has previously joked, “I’m a little cougar you know.”

Greetings from the in-laws! Sam posted this image of a night out with Jordie and his brother Jesse on social media.

Sam’s picture was enthusiastically shared by Jordie in April with the caption: “Are you serious? QUIT IT! The common man wins in this situation. They claimed it couldn’t be done. You’re an idealist. Don’t listen to those who say you can’t. Kids, aim for the stars.”

We can’t wait to see where Jordie and Sam’s relationship goes!


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