In 12 spoiler images from Home and Away, Jasmine’s siblings are introduced.

    Your full collection of photos revealing what’s ahead on UK screens in the week commencing Monday, May 2.

    Friday, May 6: Newcomer Rose heads to the ocean pool

    Friday, May 6: Rose already has a connection to one Summer Bay resident

    She and her brother Xander are Jasmine’s long-lost siblings. They’ve discovered Jasmine’s existence via their father’s will after he recently passed away.

    Friday, May 6: Rose checks her phone

    Xander has taken the lead by visiting Jasmine’s house to meet her for the first time.

    Friday, May 6: Cash arrives at the ocean pool

    Friday, May 6: Cash doesn’t realise who Rose is

    After exchanging some pleasantries, he jumps into the pool for a swim.

    Friday, May 6: Xander catches up with Rose

    His first meeting with Jasmine didn’t go well, as she suspected him to be a possible scammer and didn’t want to talk to him.

    Friday, May 6: Xander is keen to persist with Jasmine

    One priority is convincing Jasmine to accept the inheritance she was given in their father’s will.

    Friday, May 6: Rose and Cash cross paths again

    They’re making a habit of this.

    Friday, May 6: Cash is still unaware of Rose’s identity

    Although Cash knows that Jasmine’s two siblings are visiting the Bay, he hasn’t yet made the connection.

    Friday, May 6: Rose flirts with Cash

    She clearly has a romantic interest in him.

    Friday, May 6: Rose can’t help feeling slightly jealous

    She remarks that whoever is dating Cash is a lucky woman.

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