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Inside Ada Nicodemou’s close bond with her entire family

On August 22, 2012, Home and Away actress Ada Nicodemou gave birth to her only child, a son named Johnas Xipolitas. She parted with Chrys Xipolitas, her ex-partner, back in 2016, and they have a son named Johnas together.

Since then, she has discovered a new love with Adam Rigby, her current partner. It’s almost been eight years since the two started dating.

Ada has a strong bond with her kid, parents, brother, and nieces, and she has spent many wonderful times with them over the years. Ada is all about family!

Ada also has had a very full career, and we can imagine how difficult it must be juggling being a full-time actor and having an 11-year-old son.

The 46-year-old previously spoke to New Idea about how she juggles stardom with family life along with some interesting moments that come with that.

”Johnas was just telling me that some kids at school were looking me up on Wikipedia the other day, and he wasn’t happy about it,” she said.

“I told him that might keep happening, as unfortunately, it is really just part of this world.”

However, Ada also digressed that Johnas may one day want to be a part of that world…

”He just started writing different things. Just before he told me he was writing a movie! It’s really creative and I was impressed,” she revealed.

“He still wants to be an international soccer star, but he very much wants to shoot a film. He even told me he’ll need $2000 to do it.”

Ada loves to share insights into her life with her mum Jenny Nicodemou, her brother Costa Nicodemou, his wife Elena Nicodemou, and their daughters Sofia and Micaela.

In 2020, Ada spoke to Marie Claire about how her mother influenced her own parenting style.

“My mum Jenny was always the head of our household,” she revealed to the publication. “She worked seven days a week but took me and my brother everywhere.”

“I grew up in a delicatessen, counting back change to customers before I went to school. I get my work ethic from my mum.”

“She’s taught me resilience, strength and how to stick up for myself.”

Ada inflicts very similar ideals on Johnas as she revealed in the aforementioned exclusive with New Idea.

”I told him he needs to work,” she told us. “He has started washing cars … he’s working hard, I’m just happy that he’s being creative.”

Ada and Adam first debuted romance to the world in 2018 when they attended the TV Week Logie Awards together. Ada previously spoke to our sister publication TV Week about their first interaction and how their relationship has grown since.

“We met at a work function and he had no idea who I was,” Ada said. “It’s kind of cool though, right? I like that he had no idea about the show.”

Adam fit perfectly into her happy little family and Johnas quickly came to adore his step-father.

“Adam and Johnas adore each other; he’s such a great stepdad and has really stepped up,” Ada told TV Week.

“For a man to come into my world and love a child as if he were his own – and love me like I’ve never been loved before – is incredibly special.”

Aside from the close bond she has with her own children, Ada is also very open about her adoration for her brother, Costa, and his two gorgeous daughters Sofia, 3, and Micaela, who is three months old.

When Micaela was welcomed into the world in November 2023, Ada shared a heartfelt message to Instagram claiming she is “in love again.”

“I’ve become an aunt for the second time, our gorgeous little Micaela ❤️ has just taken my breath away, literally couldn’t take my eyes off her, she’s the most adorable little girl. We are blessed 💕💕,” she penned.

After having a very close bond with her niece Sofia for the past few years, Ada was very excited to have another little one to share her love with. As well as the two girls, Ada also has a lot of love for their father and her brother, Costa.

In March 2023, Ada shared a beautiful message to Instagram for Costa’s birthday. “Happy birthday to my beautiful brother, you’re an incredible father and loving husband and our family rock ❤️,” she wrote.

We love Ada like family! After watching her as Leah on Home & Away for over 20 years, she also feels like a part of the family for many Aussie families and soap opera fans.


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