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Is Orpheus Pledger single or taken?

The countdown is on until Orpheus Pledger, a fan favorite from Home and Away, prepares to take on SAS Australia, a tough military training.

According to the nature of the show, when the 28-year-old takes on the most physically and emotionally taxing course, there will almost certainly be one question on everyone’s mind: Is he still single?

So, of course, we did our civic duty and did some investigating.

Model Jacinda Gulen was Orpheus‘ last known love girlfriend when the two announced their romance on Instagram in October 2020.

On his Instagram Story, the actor made it official with Jacinda by posting a series of photographs and videos of him cuddling up to the model.

Confirming the romance, Orpheus later told Daily Mail Australia: “We’re really happy and have been isolating together.”

The pair seem to have since parted ways.

The actor was previously dating model Bella Rogers.

The former pair was last seen in public in December 2019 when filming Channel Seven’s All-New Monty: Guys & Gals, however, they later discreetly split.

Since going official on Instagram in October 2019, Orpheus and Bella have kept their relationship extremely quiet, with only a few couple selfies showing on each other’s profiles.

During his time on the long-running soap, which lasted from 2016 to 2019, the actor was a fan favorite.

His character was fatally shot by dangerous individuals holding Summer Bay residents captive at the hospital during a tense season finale siege stand-off.

Orpheus had moved from Sydney to Melbourne since leaving Home and Away, and was dividing his time between the two cities prior to the lockdown.


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