Jacqui Purvis of Home and Away flaunts her sultry figure in a yellow bikini while filming in Sydney.

    Felicity Newman, who arrived in Summer Bay as a newbie last year, has certainly made a mark on Home and Away.

    And earlier this month, when filming scenes for the soap with gorgeous Nicholas Cartwright at Sydney’s Palm Beach, Jacqui Purvis played it up for the cameras.

    In 2019, Jacqui, who also portrayed Melissa Lohan on Neighbours, looked stunning in a revealing yellow bikini that highlighted her washboard tummy and slim legs.

    The blonde bombshell flaunted her golden tan while performing acrobatic routines and sticking her tongue out for the cameras.

    Her tresses hung loosely about her shoulders, and she appeared to be wearing no makeup, highlighting her natural attractiveness.

    In between filming sequences opposite co-star Nic, Jacqui was in high spirits, mingling with the crew.

    Nic, who plays Senior Sergeant Constable Cash Newman, walked across the sand with Jacqui, wearing a grey slogan T-shirt and black shorts to hide his buff physique.

    When Jacqui’s character Felicity first joined the serial last year, she was involved in a romantic relationship with Tane Parata (Ethan Browne).

    While there’s no doubt she does an excellent job as the character, Jacqui recently revealed that she originally auditioned for a different role on the show.

    Jacqui had intended to make her Home and Away debut as Mackenzie Booth, but Emily Weir was cast in the part instead.

    But she later revealed she’s ‘so happy with the way things turned out, telling New Zealand outlet Stuff: ‘Flick is just such a dream come true as a character. She’s so much fun.

    ‘I get to transition from vulnerable and sensitive with my family issues and mental health to the fun side, which is that she is a little pocket rocket who has no filter.

    ‘So it’s a huge, huge blessing and I’m just so grateful that I get to play it.’


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