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Look back at all of Leah Patterson’s weddings as she prepares for her fourth on Home and Away

Why have one special day when you can have multiple?

When Leah Patterson hitchhiked her way into Summer Bay back in 2021, who knew what a legacy Home and Away character she would become today.

Donned in a wedding dress, we met Leah feeling her first ceremony to escape her overbearing fiancé.

Now with roughly 24 years in town, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has arguably faced some of the more tragic storylines from being held captive – twice – and many failed relationships.

But there have been some joyous moments for her including welcoming her son VJ, being a surrogate mother for Sally (Kate Ritchie), and walking down the aisle three times.

In early 2024, Leah prepares to wed sweetheart Justin (James Stewart). Could this be the happy ever after she’s been looking for?

Fans are undoubtedly giddy with excitement as they wait for Leah and Justin’s wedding. While we wait, here is a round up of Leah’s weddings – excluding the time she was held captive by a deranged man wanting to marry her.

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Leah & Vinnie

Young, hopeful and in love. Nothing could put a damper on Leah and Vinnie’s wedding day where they combined their Greek and Scottish heritage for an elaborate church ceremony.

“At the time, I hadn’t been married before and it was the first time I’d put on a veil,” Ada told TV WEEK. “It was lovely – I love a Home and Away wedding.”

Ada and Ryan Kwanten (played Vinnie) played costume director as they selected the wedding outfits themselves.

Unfortunately for Ada, this may have been her downfall as the form-fitting wedding dress left her body all “bruised because it was boned.”

It was in this relationship when Leah welcomed VJ.

Leah & Dan

Fans felt a little divided over this relationship given Dan was the brother to Leah’s ex-partner Peter.  Despite this, the pair said ‘I do’ in a beautiful venue after a classic ‘will they? won’t they?’ situation as Leah almost gives in to pre-wedding jitters.

Sadly, their relationship wasn’t any easier. Not long after, Dan moved to America for work with Leah planning to join him later, but all dreams were dashed when he was killed in an abseiling accident.

Leah & Zac

After some failed relationships after Dan, Leah eventually found love in local schoolteacher, Zac. It was a shock to fans when Leah denied his beach proposal. But some swift convincing from VJ made Leah take a leap of faith as she got down on one knee and proposed.

Zac obviously said yes.

Donned in a fitted lace gown, Leah was walked down the aisle by her son. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing – it wouldn’t be Home and Away otherwise. Zac’s disgruntled ex-Charlotte shows up uninvited and was determined to spoil the day.

But nothing could stop the wedding! Eventually their relationship took a sour turn, with Leah breaking off their marriage.

Leah & Justin

Watching Leah and Justin’s romance come into fruition made fans giddy, wondering why they weren’t pinned together earlier.

After what felt like forever, Leah sealed the deal by kissing Justin at the diner of all places.

Together, they have overcome Justin’s painkiller addiction and worked through Leah’s kidnapping trauma. While there were a few bumps in the road, including Leah calling off the wedding completely, they are finally ready to say, ‘I do.’


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