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Meet all the fresh faces gracing the Home And Away set

We’ve listed all the newbies.

We all recognise Georgie Parker, Ray Meagher, Ada Nicodemou, Lynne McGranger and Emily Symons for their iconic roles on Australian soap drama, Home And Away.

But there are plenty of new cast members on the series that have proved they’ve got the skills to make it big in Hollywood.

While we are not the gate keepers of the entertainment industry, we do keep one eye on the cast of Home And Away given the series has helped kickstart the careers of many actors and actresses including Chris Hemsworth, Isla Fisher and Heath Ledger.

No pressure right?

Continue scrolling to see all the new and fresh faces featuring on Home And Away.

On social media, 27-year-old Millie Ford is well-known for her humorous videos. However, the well-known Australian TikTok celebrity is now a guest role on Home and Away.

For Millie, who is aspiring to be an actress, this job represents the fulfillment of her ambition. She did not, however, provide many specifics about her personality.

She told, “But I will say that it’s quite fun and we had the best time.”au “It’s my real job to play an influencer, and everyone was laughing like this is just classic,” the actor said.

The first new character to be hitting Summer Bay in 2024 was none other than Paper Dolls actress Courtney Clarke.

Courtney joins Home and Away as guest character Valerie, who was in the mental health clinic with Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

Dr Levi arrived in Summer Bay., “racing to save a Home and Away favourite.”

The Cardiothoracic Surgeon is played by Australian actor Tristan Gorey, best known for his breakout role in the award-winning series Mystery Road: Origin.

Mali’s “promised wife” recently visited Summer Bay and she was ready to stir the pot.

In a clip shared to Home and Away’s Instagram, it was revealed the new character, Zara played by Matilda Brown could “reignite an old flame” with Mali and potentially ruin his relationship with Rose.

Harper Matheson, played by Jessica Redmayne, was announced in August 2023.

Alongside Jessica is actress Ally Harris who plays Dana Matheson.

Angelina, 26, plays musical talent Kirby in the soap opera.

Kyle landed the role of surfer boy, Mali Hudson in early 2023. But he is also a talented hip hop artist known as BLACX.

Jacqui is an award-winning actress from Melbourne. Home And Away isn’t her first stint in the soap opera industry, as she starred on Neighbours in 2019.

In 2021, she began playing Felicity Newman.

In August 2022, this Zimbabwean-born Aussie star made her debut as resident doctor Bree Cameron.

This 29-year-old star, Stephanie made her first appearance in July 2022 as Eden Fowler.

After his sporting career was sadly cut short, Adam joined Home And Away in July 2022 as Remi Carter.

Kirsty Marillier

Kirsty first appeared on Home And Away in April 2022 as police officer Rose Delany.

In October 2021, Luke joined the Home And Away set as Xander Delany.

Do those blue eyes look familiar? Well they should because Luke is actually a cousin to Chris Hemsworth who also starred in the soap from 2004-2007.

While Nicholas, 34, plays police officer Cash Newman, he has also served in the Australian Army before his shock career change.

Matt, 26, is an actor and musician who landed the role of Theo Poulous on Home And Away.

But prior to his acting gig, he auditioned for singing competition series The Voice in 2019.

Imogen is played by Georgia Blizzard.

Georgia previously appeared on Home and Away in 2016 as Stephanie Suttle, a girl who Evelyn McGuire (Philippa Northeast) tried to set up on a date with Matt Page (Alec Snow).


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