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After Kate Ritchie was caught driving above the limit, a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver slammed her.When her inebriated companion crashed his car while she was in the back seat on a night out on May 16, 2009, Judy Lindsay lost her own daughter Hayley, who was 20.

Even though she was only slightly over the legal limit at 0.06, Ms. Lindsay claimed the former Home and Away star had no justification because she was supposed to set an example. The actress and radio broadcaster was once acclaimed as “Australia’s Sweetheart.”

She told Daily Mail Australia, “Kate Ritchie is not the person I thought she was,” and that she was “shocked” to learn of the 44-year-arrest. old’sI mean, she ought to know better, so come on.

Ms. Lindsay is devoted to preventing other families from experiencing the same tragedies caused by drunk driving because her life will never be the same after learning that Hayley had passed away.

Celebrities breaching the law, according to her, undercut efforts to get Australians to quit putting their lives and the lives of others in danger while driving.

Although it’s a modest range, alcohol driving is still prohibited. We have regulations because individuals pass away and there are no justifications for it, she remarked.

How many children today grew up watching Kate Ritchie on television? She can’t act in such a way since it sets a poor example.

Has she not grown up? As long as people are still dying, nobody is above the law.

When Ritchie, 44, was stopped driving a blue Subaru station waggon in Pagewood, in Sydney’s south, at around 2.45 PM on Monday, she apologised for her “bad decision.” She tested positive, was detained right away, and the 0.06 BAL result was verified at Maroubra Police Station.

“Recently, I took a breathalyser test at random. The test confirmed positive, despite the low amount, the radio personality stated on Instagram.

“I made a bad choice, and I am aware of how severe my acts are,” the speaker said. I sincerely apologise.Ms. Lindsay explained how a call she received at 11.34 p.m. 23 years ago changed her life forever.

When I replied that I was Hayley’s mother, the caller insisted that Hayley had been involved in a very serious vehicle accident.

“I said, “Is she okay,” and the woman replied, “No, we were unable to revive her.

I went directly to the scene of the collision, where I found Hayley’s body and stood by the side of the road in shock.

I had to live with the fact that Hayley was scared and tried to exit the car, but the driver wouldn’t stop. He grabbed control of Hayley’s life and wasted it.

Ritchie received an immediate $600 fine and a three-month driving ban.

Stuart Webb, her ex-husband and a former rugby league star, was busted for drunk driving five times between 2012 and 2019, the year they divorced.

Ritchie joined the drive-time programme in 2013 alongside Tim Blackwell and former anchor Marty Sheargold. Ritchie’s drunk driving occurs as she negotiates a new contract with Nova.

According to reliable radio sources, the former Home and Away star’s future is “uncertain” and she may be replaced.

When she was spotted for the first time after being caught, she ignored the press outside her house and refused to talk about it or her future.


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