Neighbours boss reveals how he persuaded Kylie and Jason to return

    The executive producer of Neighbours has spoken out about convincing Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan to rejoin — and it doesn’t appear to have been difficult.

    After more than three decades gone, it was reported earlier this month that the two legendary characters would reprise their roles as Charlene and Scott Robinson for the soap’s approaching conclusion.

    “Both Kylie and Jason needed very little persuading at all – they both respect the program and the important significance that it has played in their careers,” Jason Herbison acknowledged to Inside Soap about re-hiring the two for the goodbye.

    “It’s a lovely show of respect to Neighbours, and I was thrilled when they said yes. It didn’t feel right to end the show without them.”

    Confirming that the pair’s scene on Ramsay Street is already shot, the producer explained that he wrote their material in “total secrecy”, recalling: “Not even the script department knew it was happening!”

    Herbison added: “I was there on the day of filming, and it was a very moving experience and one that will remain with me well beyond the series wrapping in August. I feel very privileged to have been part of it.”

    Scott and Charlene’s return moments will be “emotional,” according to a statement released by the producer prior to their return.

    “Scott and Charlene are the ultimate Neighbours couple and it would not feel right to end the show without them,” Herbison said.

    “We are thrilled that Jason and Kylie have come home to play a very special part in our series finale. It has been an emotional experience for them, for us and I’m sure it will be for our viewers.”


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