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In next week’s UK episodes of Neighbours, David Tanaka’s misery continues as he receives a threatening note in the aftermath of Gareth Bateman’s death.

David (Takaya Honda) and Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) had been trying to hide the fact that they did not attempt to treat Gareth before he succumbed to his injuries since the River Bend escape.

Since then, David has been plagued by guilt, especially as doubts about what transpired have been raised.

Things appear to be looking bright for David in the next moments. The coroner’s report exonerates David and Freya, while Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) is finally released from the hospital after being brutally assaulted by Gareth throughout the journey.

David, on the other hand, had a panic attack later on. While discussing their activities with Freya, the two are horrified to notice Dean Covey (Travis Cotton) walking behind them.

Was Dean listening in, and if so, how much of what he heard did he overhear?

With the Gareth drama presumably resolved the next day, there are suggestions that Freya and Levi Canning (Richie Morris) will get together.

However, it appears that there will be more drama in the future. When David gets to work, he finds an anonymous, threatening message on his desk that reads, “I know what you did.” Who could have left it, if it’s connected to Gareth’s death?

Dean is one of the possibilities. He not only appears to have a grudge towards David for rejecting his approaches, but he also works at the hospital. But he isn’t the only one who has doubts about David and Freya.

After reading the coroner’s findings, Gareth’s ex-girlfriend Emma will be seen aggressively confronting Freya this week, claiming that the two should have done more to save Gareth.

Gareth was also engaged with some really shady characters at the time of his death, so there may be others hunting for the truth.

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