Neighbours death as Paul Robinson killed off in heartbreaking plot ahead of finale?



    Paul Robinson, a stalwart of the NEIGHBOURS, has evaded death on several times, thanks to his evil ways. However, his tenure on the Channel 5 soap may be coming to an end in upcoming scenes.

    Paul (Stefan Dennis) has recently recovered from the injuries he sustained in the Neighbours storm earlier this year, which has brought him and his estranged wife Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) closer together. Despite claims from the likes of Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) that he was on his way to getting fit and healthy again, the Channel 5 soap stalwart was concerned about losing his spouse’s attention, so he chose to prolong his illness for a little longer. In scenes showing next week, it appears that the ruthless businessman will get his wish, as he finds himself again in the hospital, and this time there may not be a way to bring him back.

    Viewers watched as Paul’s son, David Tanaka (Takaya Honda), uncovered his father’s fake illness in recent scenes.

    Terese was upset to realize she had been fooled while dressed up in her wedding gown and taking a journey down memory lane with her husband.

    As this week’s episodes begin, she will be enraged at her husband for duping her and convincing her that they had another chance at romance.

    People are turning against the businessman left, right, and center, and it won’t be long until he starts to feel pain again.

    Residents of Ramsay Street are wary of falling for what they feel is his latest attempt to compel them after he lied about his illness.

    Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett), Paul’s brother, is the one who ultimately finds him unconscious, and he is transported to the hospital.

    Those in Erinsborough who refused to believe him are left feeling guilty, despite their desire to avoid being deceived again.

    Terese, who considers paying her unwell spouse a visit but quickly changes her mind, is one of the people who feel this the most.

    She washes her hands of the scoundrel and declares he is no longer her responsibility, knowing there is a slim possibility they can save their marriage.

    Karl is making rounds in the hospital and decides to stop by Paul’s room to see how he is doing with his newest ailment.

    Despite his rage at having had a part in Paul’s prior lies, Karl understands that he must see the villain as a patient who requires his assistance.

    Things appear to be going downhill for the serial staple, especially now that the popular Australian show is coming to a close.

    The writers may be planning Paul’s death with his friends and family against him and the finale looming in the summer.

    After being on the program since the first episode and taking a few years off here and there, it may be time to say goodbye to the legendary character.

    His death would have a huge impact on the residents of Ramsay Street, and some of them may choose to start a new chapter in their lives without him as the show winds down.

    Stefan, who plays Paul, has previously stated that his character is immortal and will never leave the program.

    Almost two years ago, the soap star said: “Paul has done everything now.

    “He’s been married six times, you can’t kill him, they’ve tried many times,” he explained in an interview with MailOnline.

    However, much has changed in the last two years, and producers were unable to change their minds about keeping Paul alive after Channel 5 decided not to renew its contract to broadcast the show.

    Every effort is being made to save the show, with cast members and fans requesting that it be picked up by other British broadcasters.

    As the days pass, it appears that this is becoming increasingly unlikely, and writers are already plotting the conclusion.

    “We are incredibly pleased of everything Neighbours has achieved,” executive producer Jason Herbison stated in an interview with Media Week.

    “We see the next few months as being a huge celebration for the show with a bit of everything for viewers.

    “Any ending will be respectful of the past, the present and always open to a future,” he concluded, but Paul’s death could mean the character is never brought back.

    For the time being, the specific details of how the people of Ramsay Street’s stories will conclude are being kept under wraps.

    In the United Kingdom, fans have been working hard to make their opinions heard in the wake of the show’s cancellation, with millions of people turning to Twitter to offer their support.

    The original Neighbours theme song made it to number one on the iTunes Charts last week, however it didn’t make it to number one on the official Friday singles chart.

    A petition has also been created online in an attempt to raise awareness of the institution that will be abolished among other British broadcasters.

    More than 50,000 individuals have signed the petition so far, and they’re all waiting to discover if their efforts were worthwhile.

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