Neighbours exit: Why did Zima Anderson leave as Roxy Willis?

    Zima Anderson, who played Roxy Willis on Channel 5’s NEIGHBOURS, has left the show ahead of the show’s end later this year. Everything you need to know about the actress’s departure can be found on

    Zima was initially introduced to Neighbours viewers as Roxy, the firecracker niece of established character Terese Willis (played by Rebekah Elmaloglou) and the daughter of former Ramsay Street residents Gemma Willis (Beth Buchanan) and Adam Willis, back in 2019. (Don Battye). The young woman has matured over the last three years, transitioning from a party animal to ultimately settling down with Kyle Canning, her true love (Chris Milligan). The couple decided to leave Erinsborough to start a new chapter in their lives on Tuesday’s episode of the Channel 5 soap, bringing Zima’s time on the program to an end.

    Why did Zima Anderson leave Neighbours as Roxy Willis?

    When it was announced that Zima and her co-star Chris, who plays Kyle, were quitting the show, it was assumed that this was due to the fact that they were the first characters to leave before the show’s end.

    Their departures, on the other hand, had been planned for some time, with some loose ends in their narratives being tied up in the last few weeks.

    It was actually due to the actress’s contract that she departed the show, a situation that has previously occurred with other stars of the show.

    When a new regular character is introduced to Ramsay Street, they are given a three-year contract, with the possibility of renewal at the end of that time.

    While other characters are expanded, the actress and the filmmakers agreed that her character would be written out.

    Zima explained: “You get so comfortable. Neighbours are the best school you could ever go to for acting. You never get an experience like that anywhere.

    “I learned so much, I laughed so much and I’d grown so much as a human, so I felt that I needed to challenge myself in another direction. I felt like it worked out as perfect timing.

    “It was so hard to leave a place like that because Neighbours is so incredible and fantastic. I love Roxy and she’ll always be with me.

    “But it was a choice to go and learn somewhere else because I’d learned so much already,” she said in an interview with Digital Spy.

    As a result, the soap star opted to leave the job, however, the door was always open for her to return if the show had been on the air for a few more years.

    How did Roxy Willis leave Neighbours?

    Roxy and Kyle had been debating whether to stay on Ramsay Street or move to Darwin, where the former’s family was based since they were planning to establish a family a few weeks earlier.

    Roxy and her husband decided it was time to start over after discovering she was pregnant in last week’s episodes of the weekday serial drama.

    She was going to need all the help she could get from her own mother, Gemma because she was going to be a first-time mother.

    They tied up many loose ends once again, and their friends and loved ones gathered to give them a proper send-off in Tuesday’s episode.

    The couple was moved by the effort made to bid them farewell on Ramsay Street, and they drove out into the sunset.


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