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Neighbours’ Levi Canning left intrigued by mystery woman in new story

In the aftermath of the wedding day storm calamity, Levi Canning of Neighbours meets a fascinating woman.

Following the one-week time jump, Levi’s (Richie Morris) new narrative involves the entrance of new character Freya Wozniak, played by Phoebe Roberts, who leaves an impression on the police officer.

One character will die in the ensuing moments as tragedy strikes at the Flamingo Bar during the terrible storm.

Levi finds Freya lurking around the Flamingo Bar accident site a few days later. Freya bolts when she sees Levi.

Levi eventually finds her, but the interaction leaves him much more perplexed than before.

Freya then appears to be quite interested in learning more about him.

When Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) notices Freya’s interest in Levi, she tries to recruit her for her grandson, much to Levi’s chagrin.

Sheila tells Levi that she knows the name of the mysterious woman. Freya, on the other hand, appears to be keeping a secret from everyone.

Freya’s arrival was announced late last year, but few facts about her were disclosed, with the show portraying her as “the ultimate mystery girl” who “isn’t afraid to defy the rules.”

A scene in which a panicked Freya grips a knife was glimpsed in a 2022 commercial that aired last month.

But what is Freya hiding, and could she and Levi have a romance?


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