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Neighbours’ Levi Canning makes a dangerous decision over Freya Wozniak

Levi Canning, a police officer from Neighbours, has pledged to join Freya Wozniak in her dangerous search for Gareth Bateman.

When Levi (Richie Morris) followed a possible lead over Gareth and was met by a paranoid and anxious stranger, he was held at gunpoint.

Despite the frightening occurrence, Levi has pledged to continue to support Freya (Phoebe Roberts) in her quest for her missing ex-boyfriend.

Levi’s cousin Kyle (Chris Milligan) expressed concern in Tuesday’s program on Channel 5 about how his continuous contact with Freya was putting him in danger.

Kyle and his wife Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) had reason to be concerned when they learned that Freya was considering becoming Chloe Brennan’s (April Rose Pengilly) newest flatmate on Ramsay Street.

Kyle advised Freya to back off and leave Levi alone in a heated altercation at The Waterhole.

“You do realize he’s fallen for you, right?” Kyle asked. It will only make matters worse if you move into our street.

“My relative was almost killed today because of you.” Just keep it safe and away from my family.”

However, when Freya later paid a visit to Levi, it appeared that the local cop had a completely different perspective on the matter.

Freya said she was leaving Erinsborough and wanted to say goodbye, but Levi said he’d be too worried about her if she did.

Levi volunteered to assist Freya in an off-the-books manner, with no support from his police contacts.

This offer was too good to pass up, but considering the odd circumstances surrounding Gareth’s disappearance, will Levi live to regret his decision?


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